Should Males Wear Earrings in the Professional Environment?

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Want a short and crisp answer? 

Then here you go – Absolutely YES! 

Want us to divulge some finer details? In that case, read on and then you’ll be able to make an informed call!

To begin with, let’s get one thing out of the way. If you wish to wear men’s earrings or any form of jewelry to your workplace, you will need some due diligence regarding how your day will pan out, the people you will be required to meet and if there may be any formal events that you may need to attend. This is regardless of your gender. After all, most workplaces would not tolerate an extravagant show of jewels, when you ought to lead a meeting with potential clients.

Yet another aspect to be fully aware of – no matter the type or style of jewelry you choose to wear, if you are accessorizing you will invariably come across some unwanted glances and comments. A quick and easy way to combat this? Remind yourself that your chosen pieces of jewelry helps you stand out and feel confident in the way you look. Secondly, please understand that others’ opinion of you should not dictate how you choose to dress. 

With these two aspects settled, let’s dive into some do’s and don’ts of wearing men’s earrings in a professional environment! 

Male Earrings in Office – Do’s

Check with Your Seniors/Peers – Before donning your earring(s) in the office, check with your seniors or colleagues. This will help you in two ways – Firstly, you will know for sure whether or not your office is tolerant to the practice; Secondly, your teammates will be mentally prepared for the change in your appearance. 

Choose Graceful Earrings – When it comes to wearing earrings in the workplace, try to choose designs that are sophisticated. Small hoops and studs are some of the innocuous alternatives.

Male Earrings in Office – Don’ts

Avoid Earrings for Interviews –  When going for an interview, you have little to no idea regarding the acceptable dress code of the organization. Hence, it is ideal that you do not wear earrings. Moreover, an interview is an absolutely formal occasion, and wearing an earring to the same might create an immediate and infallible block between you and the interviewer. 

Avoid Multiple Piercings – Even if your workplace accommodates the practice of males wearing earrings to the office, make sure you do not overdo it. Simply stick to just one piercing per ear to steer clear of any judgements!

Steer Clear from Religious Designs– While you may be inclined to wear Religious-Symbol Earrings as a way of self-expression, most workplaces tend to keep a secular approach and may not appreciate your sense of style. Hence, it is best to stay neutral. 

We hope that you now know that wearing earrings as a male is almost always acceptable provided you abide by some unsaid rules pertaining to this practice. After all, male earrings help you express your style quotient and individuality like no other piece of jewelry possibly can. We simply love how a single earring adds a pop to a man’s personality, and therefore offer a wide range of gold and diamond earrings for men! Pick the design that best suits your sense of style! 


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