Suffering from Cleaning Fatigue? Here’s How to Keep Your Housekeeping Under Control

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Some people may always want to keep their house neat and clean. Sometimes they can’t tolerate a piece of dirt anywhere in the house. Even they may not allow a single hair in the shower closet or bathtub. This kind of attitude is not bad; rather, it helps them stay clean and keep the house clean. However, some may define this kind of attitude as cleaning fatigue. 

Whoever has cleaning fatigue seems to obsess with the cleaning. These kinds of people may repeatedly clean the same stuff over and over. If you have this kind of problem, you can take them under control through a routine-based task.  

How to Keep Your Housekeeping Under Control?

Whoever has cleaning fatigue may become more conscious during this Covid-19 time. However, this may lead to anxiety. To get rid of the cleaning fatigue, it will be better if you understand the reasonable cleaning practice and obsessive cleaning practice. Nevertheless, check this website to know more about time saving cleaning hacks. It has been seen that cleaning fatigued people get obsessed with the stuff they touch more frequently than other things, such as TV remotes, cell phones, doorknobs, light switches, and more.

If you are obsessed with cleaning this stuff hundreds of times a day, you can control it by maintaining a routine or hiring a cleaning service such as Clean Florida, visit company website here.

Cell Phones

You can clean the cell phone daily if you use them outside the home. Otherwise, if you are staying at home, clean them weekly. You should switch off the phone first and clean it with an alcohol pad or all-purpose cleaner for a proper clean.

Light Switches

If you have numerous family members who are on the run always and go out daily, there are possibilities that they may touch the switch at least once a day. In that case, you can clean them daily or every time the switches get touched. If you live alone and doing home office now, you can clean once a week.

TV Remote

Clean daily if multiple members touch it. But, if you are the only person, you can clean weekly. However, you will have to make sure that you clean your hand every time you enter the home from outside.

Faucet Handles

Daily cleaning is necessary as you touch it every time you go to the bathroom. However, you can clean it with a disinfector or all-purpose cleaner. You may also use the bathroom cleaner too if you are out of an all-purpose cleaner.

Interior Door Knobs

Interior door knobs such as bathroom door knobs are the most common place you may touch all day. Besides, your hand may get along with the bacteria from the toilet. So, bathroom knobs are the most common stuff to get infected. So, it is recommended to clean the knob whenever you use it.


Some people may consider cleaning fatigue as a disease. But this should not be any kind of disease. Rather the person is just a bit conscious than others. But cleaning the same thing over and over is time-consuming too. So, maintaining a routine or guideline can save your time.


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