The 3 Auto Body Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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Owning a car can be quite an expense. The maintenance alone can really add up. And when regular repairs are needed, a mechanic can cost an arm and a leg. During tough economic times, it pays to be able to do some of the repairs yourself

Being self-sufficient in any economy is a good idea and the feeling you get from fixing your car yourself is fantastic. But, many people leave the body repairs to the pros. They often feel that they can’t fix the exterior of the car themselves. 

This is a mistake as a lot of money can be saved by doing some small auto body repairs yourself or with the help of a friend. In this article, I will give a list of a few that you can do at home. 

1 – Learn to weld

This is the most intimidating thing for any DIY enthusiast but is a great skill to have. It is not as difficult as it seems and can be used in a variety of applications. And once you master it, you can do some really interesting customizations of your car.

With some weldable primer and a MIG welder, you can give your car a makeover that looks professional. 

The best way to go is to take some classes. If you have an adult education center nearby then chances are good that they offer welding as it is very popular. If you don’t, then taking an online course is also a good second-best option. 

2 – Fix small scratches and dents

Many scratches in the car can be taken out very easily in little time. In the time it takes to bring your car into the auto body shop you can already be done with the repair. 

To start, you just have to sand down the area around the scratch to get rid of the paint. Once you wipe down the area well to remove any of the paint and dust you can use a filler and scrape it over the scratch. Give it a couple of coats and then sand it down to a nice smooth surface. 

Then move onto the next tip as it involves painting. 

3 – DIY paint job

Any paint job lives and dies through the preparation. And this is all the more important when doing auto body paint jobs. The pros have a system to prep the car to make it an easy process. If you treat the prep right, then it is not that difficult a task to paint it and have it look professional. 

Set up space in your garage with curtains all over so you don’t make a mess. Then tape up the edges around the windshield and the tires so they don’t get paint on them. You’ll need a good compressor connected to a sprayer to get a drip-free paint job. 

As long as you take the time to do the prep and use a light hand when spraying you will get it as good as a professional for just a couple of hundred dollars. Plus you can choose any color that you like. 

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