The Top 5 Pandemic Dating Challenges

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Have you downloaded every dating app out there, hoping to get a match to start your whirlwind pandemic romance?

Us too.

Searching for your soulmate has posed some dating challenges while following Covid-19 protocols–we’re here to bring them to light and offer some anecdotes.

Continue reading to find some challenges that you will come across while dating today.

  1. No in-Person Dates

Because meeting online has become the new normal, in-person affairs aren’t as common. This makes meeting new people difficult, not being able to get to know someone easily online. For those first few conversation dates, Zoom is your third wheel. 

But for those next few dates, a virtual watch party with a documentary is a great no-contact date that encourages conversation afterward. For a relatable film to watch alone or with your new beau, check out The Dating Project.

  1. Little to No Physical Touch

Along with avoiding social gatherings, you’ll find that socially distancing yourself from others will prevent you from touching your date. 

While this seems difficult to appreciate, decreasing your physical touch now will make it that much more enjoyable when you and your significant other are safe to touch one another.

  1. The Possibility of Getting Catfished

Unfortunately, one big risk with online dating is the possibility of being catfished. Finding someone you like is always exciting, but the fear that they might not be real lingers.

To combat this fear, communicate with your date and arrange a few times to meet on camera so that you can feel assured that you haven’t been catfished.

  1. Dating Becomes Fast-Tracked

Because pandemic dating is primarily online, one of the challenges of dating is that it’s become fast-tracked. 

Conversations get a little dark, a little romantic, or a little futuristic when focusing on each other online. In turn, your relationship progresses faster than it normally would, leaving you to wonder how you got from a dating app to an altar in 6 months.

It’s easy to accelerate through every step of dating while talking online. Take caution and keep conversations slow so that you both don’t cross boundaries and speed up your relationship.

  1. It Becomes All-Consuming

Quarantining during Covid-19 has people working from home, picking up new hobbies, and pursuing new relationships.

With isolated activities, things tend to become all-consuming. Relationships and new interests can take up all of your time and energy, posing a stressor in your life.

One way to combat this is to make sure to prioritize important things above others. New relationships can take over every aspect of your life and sometimes do more harm than good.

Keep a healthy mind and attitude about dating during a pandemic–you’re not the only one searching for a connection.

Love in Spite of These Dating Challenges 

While these dating challenges pose a threat to relationships, you can still find love by staying positive.

Some things like reduced physical touch and the possibility of being catfished might be worrisome, but honesty and a sharp mind will set you on the right track.

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