Three Ways To Improve Your Mental And Physical Well-Being

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Wellness – including mental health – has been the talking point this past year, since the whole world experienced lockdowns and isolation and went through a global pandemic. It’s always been said that ‘health is wealth’, but apart from it being a cliche, it is so true. After all, what use is a lot of money, a lavish lifestyle or a big house if you are too sick to enjoy it? What’s the point of life if you spend the most stress-free years of your life (post-retirement) in a hospital bed or a care-home? And, would you choose to wake up stressed and exhausted every morning, or excited and refreshed, waiting to take on the day’s challenges?

Physical and mental well-being is not just about being in good health, it’s about living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle and living life to the fullest. This article shows you three easy ways to improve both, your physical as well as mental health.

Practice Mindfulness

There’s been a lot of focus on mindfulness in the past few years. So, what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is essentially about living in the present moment. We tend to get so caught up in our hectic day-to-day lives, constantly thinking about all the things on our to-do list, and about what we have to do next, that we don’t enjoy what we are doing in that moment.

So, the next time instead of gulping down your breakfast while doing other tasks in the kitchen, take 10 minutes and sit down and enjoy your breakfast. Don’t rush that daily commute to the train station – take time to take in the sunshine, hear the birds chirping and notice the flowers. Live in the moment as this helps you to be more present and aware and in control of your emotions. It also helps bring a sense of calm.

Join A Like-Minded Community/ Therapy Class

We all go through low periods in our lives – be it depression, anxiety, loneliness, overcoming an addiction, post-partum depression or post traumatic stress disorder. But suppressing it, or refusing to acknowledge it or seek help, is what makes things worse. There is no shame in admitting you need help, and seeking out the best way to get you and your life back on track.

You could confide in a family member or a friend. Or if you prefer to be discreet, join a like-minded community where you can openly share your thoughts and fears. There are also plenty of therapy classes and foundations such as the one run by Kevin Lucas where you can seek help and knowledge.  

Diet And Exercise

Diet and exercise are the backbone to good health. Remember, what goes in your body will eventually nourish and protect it. So instead of going on crash diets and depriving yourself of certain foods or food-groups, aim for eating a sensible diet everyday, with everything in moderation. Likewise, make exercise a part of your daily routine. Find something you enjoy – a walk, a swim, a workout – and it will be more fun.

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