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What is Shabby Chic Decor? Everything You Need to Know

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With its laid back, cozy look and feel, it’s little wonder that shabby chic decor is so popular with so many people. Though the term was coined over twenty years ago, shabby chic decor is still one of the most popular trends to use within the bedroom. Part of the reason for this is because the naturally warm aesthetic of a shabby chic bedroom makes it a perfect style choice for those who want to sleep better. 

The floral and subtle details of shabby chic decor make it a great choice for a girl’s bedroom, or for a romantic space that can really be made cozy. All you need is a couple of core basics, as well as the best mattress you can get your hands on, for a space that feels inviting, cozy, and ready to get your home feeling complete. Wondering where to get started with your bedroom? 

Here are a couple of tips when it comes to using shabby chic decor to redo your bedroom in a completely fresh and exciting way: 

Keep Your Color Palette Restricted

One of the easiest ways to keep your shabby chic decor looking straight out of a home decor magazine is to use one or two colors when accessorizing your home. For a more sophisticated look to your shabby chic decor, try using colors such as white and cream for a minimalist look and feel to the space. 

If you prefer a little more color in your space, keep in mind that most shabby chic bedroom decor revolves around more muted, pastel tones. Pastel pinks, blues, and yellows can all work equally well in this decor style. 

Prefer a pop of color in your space? Try integrating it into smaller accent pieces around your room, such as nightstands, spare pillows or bedding, and other accessories such as books or display pieces. 

Pick Bedroom Furniture That Have A Vintage Feel 

When looking for bedroom furniture for your space, remember that shabby chic decor has a vintage aesthetic that makes it simple enough to shop for. Use wooden accents and use sofas or decorative pillows with plush surfaces for that lived-in look. 

If you do want more vintage pieces in your bedroom, be sure to ensure that you’re using high-quality pieces that won’t give easily with time. Certain core pieces of your bedroom furniture are best bought new, however – this includes making sure you’re using the best mattress for your sleep and a bed frame that fits your needs.

You’ll want to keep things nice and cozy when you’re choosing bedroom furniture with the shabby chic decor in mind. Think about adding layers when it comes to bedding, and lean into more elaborate carvings, since they can actually provide significant structure and support. 

Find A Cozy Sleep Set-Up 

When you’re trying to set up your shabby chic bedroom, one of the most important decor tips to keep in mind is to try and prioritize comfort. Finding the best mattress for your comfort is going to bring your space together, and keep you feeling cozy through bedtime. 

The best mattresses available on the market today are able to utilize modern technology to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. To make sure you really do have the best mattress for a good night of rest, you’ll want to find something that strikes a good balance between comfort and support. 

Memory foam is often ranked as one of the best mattress materials for people on the lookout for this kind of versatility. Not only are they consistently rated some of the best mattresses for people with health issues such as chronic body pain, but they’re also a great choice if you’re looking for something that is just as cozy as the rest of your bedroom.

Remember that the best mattresses are highly subjective, so what works for one person might not work for someone else. The best mattress companies often have trial periods for this exact reason, since you need to figure out if you really are sleeping better, and that takes time. 

Don’t Stress About Clutter 

What makes shabby chic decor so unique is how much freedom it grants you to break a lot of design rules. Shabby chic bedrooms tend to embrace clutter, and knick-knacks make up a central part of the aesthetic. While it might be important to avoid going overboard, your personality is meant to shine and take center stage when you use this decor style, and doing that by decorating your space with as many accents as you like is part of this. 

Use pieces of art that resonate with you, litter your walls with frames, or install some shelving to display flea-market finds on full display. The key here is to find a good balance between an intentionally undone look, as opposed to something that looks messy. 

Adding some natural accents in the form of plants, open lights, and wooden accents can also help bring a slightly more modern feel to your shabby chic space. If you haven’t been gifted with a green thumb, then try and get a couple of plastic plants for a similar impact. 

Once you’ve found the best mattress for your space, have arranged your bedroom furniture in a way that makes sense to you, and have your quirky accessories on display, your space is going to look and feel ready. If you keep comfort a priority and stay conscientious about your bedroom furniture, you’re going to find bringing your space together a lot easier.

Shabby bedroom decor is all about embracing the imperfect little details that can actually make life a little more beautiful. Using these tips, you’re going to find yourself left with a space that looks and feels great, all set for better, cozy sleep. Time to embrace those florals, rearrange your bedroom furniture, and be well on your way to a good night’s sleep.

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