What is The Best Mapping Software for Real Estate Professionals?

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As a real estate professional, it’s your responsibility to help your clients find their perfect homes. Not only does the house itself need to meet their needs, but it also needs to be in the right area. In other words, it needs to be close to desired amenities like grocery stores, schools, dentists, etc. Once you’ve got several options that meet these criteria, you need to plan to visit all the possibilities. To accomplish both the goal of finding the right home in the right area and have a plan to visit these options, you would be best served by using a mapping software program.

Real estate mapping software lets you take the spreadsheet data of your home options and transform it into a custom map. As a result, you can analyze the demographic data of your potential homes’ neighborhoods, and you can see how far the home options are from desired amenities. You can also plan the best route to visit all your housing options.

Additionally, mapping software can help you map your customers and sales data and perform functional analyses to improve your performance.

Therefore, if you’re a real estate professional, you should consider one of the following mapping software options:

  • Maptive

Maptive is an online mapping program that is built on Google’s geographic information system (GIS) and mapping platform. It takes your spreadsheet data and transforms it into a custom Google Map. It offers you the ability to customize your map with custom colors, geographic boundaries, heat maps, radiuses, census data, and route planning. You can also import data from multiple sources and layer them on your map. 

When you’ve uploaded all your information, you will have an interactive map that you can analyze with a variety of tools, including heat maps, radiuses, boundaries, and demographic data. Once you’re satisfied with your map, you have the option to either download your map as a pdf, print it, or embed it on a website.

  • eSpatial

eSpatial is a mobile software program that allows you to add data from a variety of sources. In doing so, you can map your sales territories and sales data, create driving routes, and map your customer locations. You can customize the maps you create to your needs through individual data points’ size and color. You can also create distinct labels, insert annotations, and customize the symbols you use. It also allows you to plan your route with its intelligent route mapping features. Furthermore, eSpatial offers multiple map styles, including pin maps, bubble maps, heat maps, and radius maps. 

  • EasyMapMaker

With EasyMapMaker’s online software, you can create a Google Map from spreadsheet data that will then be available in the cloud. These maps are also mobile-friendly so that they can be viewed on any device and used for directions to your desired location.

This program lets you upload up to 15,000 locations, and once the data is on the map, you can move or remove pins as necessary. This application features turn-by-turn navigation and customization options, including pin styles, pin labels, heat map layers, and filters. You can also add contour lines to view the density of distances from specific locations. Once you’re satisfied with your map, you can export it as a PDF file or PNG image.

  • mapline

The mapping software, mapline, lets you plot locations with ease by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. You can then add boundaries, create heat maps, and plan your driving routes. Additionally, you have options to create disaster recovery plans, optimize sales territories, and customize your map. You can customize your map with custom pins, territory creations, and by grouping locations. Furthermore, mapline lets you analyze all your data through filters, segments, and territory reporting.


Mapping software is an invaluable tool for both helping your customers find their ideal home and helping you improve your sales performance. Rather than simply looking at a bunch of data in a spreadsheet, you can visualize all your important information on a map. As a result, you’ll get a better idea of distances, nearby amenities, and driving distances. Furthermore, it can help you identify new opportunities by showing you sales and client location densities. Therefore, as a real estate professional, you would be well served to use a mapping program.



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