Why You Should Make A Will

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The idea of writing a will is not something most people like to think about; no one wants to be reminded of their own mortality, after all. Yet even though it’s more easily avoided than dealt with, there are many reasons why writing a will is an important thing to do. And, once you’ve written yours, apart from updating it from time to time as the need arises, you don’t have to think about it again. Read on to find out why writing a will is a good idea and why you should do it sooner rather than later. 

You Have Control 

The most important reason for writing a will is that it puts you in complete control over your estate and everything within it. It means you can choose who will receive what after you die, and it even means you can choose the person you want to execute your will and take charge of everything when you are gone. 

Without a will, your estate will fall under the intestacy rules. These rules set out a specific hierarchy of who will inherit and how much they will receive, and it might be that the people you want to have something won’t be entitled, and perhaps even people you would prefer didn’t inherit anything would have a lot. Writing a will prevents this issue and your final wishes can be heard. 

You Can Plan Your Funeral 

Funerals can be expensive, and the cost will fall to your loved ones after you die. Unless, of course, you have made a provision in your will to pay for your own funeral, in which case the stress of having to find the money to organize your funeral will be taken from them, and that will certainly be a relief. 

Not only can you ensure there is enough money to pay for your funeral, but you can – usually in a separate letter kept with your will – state exactly how you want your funeral to be. You might choose the songs you want to be played, you might pick your flowers in advance, you might even choose the funeral register books that you like the best. Again, this puts you in control and stops your loved ones from worrying. 

You Can Choose Guardians 

What would happen to your children if you were to pass away and they were still under the age of 18? Although it’s not something you’ll have given much thought to because it’s unpleasant, it is important. Without writing a will and appointing guardians to take care of your children, the courts will choose guardians on your behalf. This means that people you would never have wanted to be in charge of your children’s upbringing are suddenly responsible for their lives.  

When writing a will, you can choose the person you feel would be best to take care of your children. Of course, you’ll need to tell the potential guardian that you are naming them as they will need to agree, but once this is done you can enjoy your life to the fullest. 

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