3 French Designer Labels for Casual Chic

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If you want to stay on-trend in your casual fashion choices, then designer brands are the way forward. Designer labels such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel have started to produce more casual styles, which means there is something for everyone. This list will run through 5 fabulous French designer labels so you can see if any of these brands suit your tastes and offer a wide range of designer labels that offer that exotic charm that we all crave from our clothing.

Paul & Joe Sister

One of the most important things in fashion is to develop a personal style. You need to be the one who is turning heads because of your personal touch and not because of the brand you’re wearing. As soon as you realize that, you can be yourself and dress according to your own style. Sophie Albou knows about that. This French designer has been running her mainline, Paul & Joe, for 20 years but has always introduced something new with its diffusion line, Paul & Joe Sister, which is now stronger than ever. Let’s have a closer look at this fabulous label!

Launched in 2006, the collection is a colorful and playful complement to Paul & Joe, Sophie Albou’s mainline. Located in Paris’s Marais district, the boutique is also a creative hub for the house and an outlet for additional lines, such as Rosy Rubinsztein’s jewelry.


IRO is a line of minimalist, high-quality leather bags and accessories made in New York. The simple and durable designs are meant to age over time while showing off the natural beauty of the leather. This fashion line has been described as French chic meets New York street style because it combines durable materials with fashionably unique designs.

In the beginning – two fashion designers in love with their work and New York City. And the clothes they created together were one of a kind, fashionable and comfortable. IRO means ‘Use me’ in French, and the brand literally is a way to express the true you and your needs – whether that is your outlook on life or your own unique sense of style.

Isabel Marant

I first discovered Isabel Marant Dress – Harrolds when one of their handbags showed up on the internet. I was immediately hooked. It was all I could do to not tear through my closet and replace all of my bags with new IRO versions.

Hip and fashionable in a bohemian way, Isabel Marant’s fashion is an effortless mix of laidback Parisian chic and boho hippy. The designer’s roots are in the world of the music industry, having collaborated with various musicians to design their personal wardrobes. These days the label is famous for its casual sweatsuits, block-heel boots, and hand-stitched leather details, but when it first began in 1994, it was all about tie-dye. Williamsburg hipsters will be vying for that quirky dress (they’ll have got there before you), and there’s sure to be a line around the block come launch time tomorrow.

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