5 Fool-proof Ways To Have A Safe Vacation During The Pandemic

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While vaccines have been designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, one should continue taking precautions and following guidelines for everyone’s safety. Luckily, some countries and stay options welcome guests with necessary COVID-19 restrictions. It is wise to follow the limits and avoid getting infected or spreading the virus.

The magnitude of suffering that coronavirus has caused worldwide is so extreme that we cannot afford to be careless. Enlisted below are some tips for a safe vacation during COVID-19.

Get vaccinated

As the proverb very rightly says, “Prevention is better than cure.”. So, it’s better to get vaccinated before traveling to a new place. One should wait for at least two weeks after getting the second vaccine dose because our body takes some time to build immunity after vaccination. Once you’re vaccinated, you can travel safely within the United States, as then, you’re less likely to spread the infection. 

Know the hygiene level of your vacation rental/hotel

If you want your trip to be successful and safe, you should first check with your vacation home to know its sanitation requirements and facilities. Vacation homes such as Carolina Designs Vacation Rentals follow strict guidelines for protecting their guests and staff. Their enhanced cleaning procedures, contactless payment methods, and regular disinfecting schedules make their holiday homes suitable for a safe vacation. However, adults and people or children with pre-existing medical conditions should be careful with increased risks of their vulnerability. 

Ensure getting tested upon your return

While traveling, you come across a lot of new people. If you’ve been vaccinated already, the risk of contracting and spreading the virus is lower. But if you haven’t, then you should first get tested after your vacation to prevent spreading the virus even if you don’t have any symptoms.

Abide by the local rules for COVID-19

Some governments have different rules for  COVID-19 prevention. They can require people to wear masks, gloves and stay home for at least 14 days after traveling. It’s better to check for restrictions to avoid any punishment or fine. Also, it’s better to keep yourself updated about the destination’s medical circumstances. Coronavirus has evolved and changed into new variants across different locations. 

Fly Safe

When air traveling, crowded flights can make social distancing difficult, leading to a spread of infection. Also, time taken in security lines and airport terminals can reduce the distance between people. Although changes to the screening process have been made to meet the safety requirements for coronavirus, some personal safety measures like using sanitizers for toilet seats and washing your hands frequently can prevent you from catching the virus. Wearing a good quality face mask is also advised. 

Opt for ground transportation with minimum stops

If you prefer to drive or choose to travel by bus or train, you’ll still need to have control over your environment. When traveling by car, you should make as few stops as possible and preferably carry some food or choose drive-throughs or open spaces for having lunch or dinner. Frequent sanitization can help a lot when traveling. 

Traveling through public transport is risky, but if you do, make sure to keep your distance, wear a mask, and use a hand sanitizer.

Final Thoughts

Destination indeed plays a role, too, when we talk about planning a safe vacation during the pandemic. You should keep up-to-date about the COVID-19 situation.  The hotel and tourism industry understands the importance of staff and guest safety and, therefore, is working hard to ensure proper sanitization. But, it’s also your responsibility to follow the necessary guidelines and maintain social distancing.

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