5 Things To Know About Past Life Regression Therapy

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Was there a time when feelings of confusion, dissociation, and unexplained familiarity suddenly arose?  This might be the subconscious mind speaking. It might be telling memories, conflicts, or traumas that happened in one of the lives a person has lived.

In some ancient beliefs, life is deemed to be a cycle. Souls come back to the earthy world as different identities. However, some of the past’s tragic memories may visit one’s dreams and random thoughts throughout the day. This may be a product of what is commonly known as reincarnation.

If one is unsure how to deal with the problem, past life regression therapy could be the best solution. Although not guaranteed, it could open to more awakenings and opportunities. Aside from that, it has many benefits that could greatly help as one goes through self-introspection. Personal, social, and even communal lives will become more transparent and better. 


  • What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?


Past self regression offers to resolve conflicts and traumas that one may be troubled about, but not exactly due to personal experiences. These may be due to the subconscious mind riddled with memories of people, places, and experiences that don’t belong to the person.

For example, you may feel like you’ve said or experienced the same thing from before, but can’t precisely pinpoint when and how. Or, you may have instantly clicked with someone you just met as if there has been a connection since forever?  Such are most probably due to the former life one has lived.

All of these can be treated through past life regression therapy. The meaning behind all these might be revealed and will provide answers that will solve all troubles, correct conflicts, and uncover hidden meanings and secrets. Moreover, past life regression therapy puts one in their hypnotic state to achieve the desired results. 


  • Benefits 


Besides understanding past selves and resolving unsettled conflicts, past life regression therapy has many benefits because it’s anchored to ancient beliefs on the life cycle and hypnosis. It has many effects that will be beneficial for a person in terms of mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. Its benefits include spirituality, awareness, relationships, self-efficacy, dynamic control, forgiveness, and barrier removal. 


  • Spirituality: It’s normal for a person to fear death. It’s one of the most common fears experienced by humans. What is on the other side?  Is there an afterlife?  Is heaven or hell absolute?   These are a few of the many questions that plague a person’s mind when one thinks about death. However, such fear will no longer perpetuate through past life regression theory. Since it’s rooted in reincarnation and past lives, the idea of death isn’t as bad as it seems anymore. The therapy itself shows that the physical body may crumble to dust, but the soul will always remain.
  • Awareness: By meeting one’s past life, the person will learn many things about themselves. Experiences that are being faced now could be experiences that were also faced before by the former life. This means that lessons learned can be applied not to make the same mistakes, and, instead, choose decisions that will better the current life. This means that the person isn’t walking their life aimlessly; they’re going through the journey with past experiences’ guidance. 
  • Relationships: Past life regression therapy allows one to understand themselves better. And, if the person knows themselves, this means that they can easily understand others and build strong relationships with them. Remember that good relationships start from within since it opens the opportunity to investigate past experiences, such as past relationships. 
  • Self-Efficacy: This therapy is a catalyst of change. Those who struggle with who they were before can renew themselves now. Since one can understand the errors with the past life they lived, they can easily do the opposite and venture to a new path. Someone who may have suffered from extreme self-hate may nurture their confidence and self-love now. Past life regression can be a chance for one’s progression. 
  • Emotional Control: Due to sudden memories and trauma brought by glimpses of the past life, turmoil of emotions may arise. It may not be easy to understand one’s feelings, and there’s a tendency to lose control. However, there could be possible alternatives to solving those. A past life regression therapist can guide a person to take control over their intense emotions. The causes are varied, ranging from losing a loved one to an unfinished business, among many others. 
  • Forgiveness: Sometimes, the remnants of the past haunt the present. Grudges from past lives still linger, and the negative energy would be passed to the current person the soul is inhibiting. Hate or wrongdoings done may be difficult to forget, but they’re much harder to forgive. Despite such, the therapy can be a chance for forgiveness since it guides the person to self-acceptance. 
  • Barrier Removal: Since past life regression therapy allows a person to understand oneself holistically through past life experiences, they’re more open to new adventures and relationships with others. Also, they’re more outgoing in creating new goals and motivations to become a better version of themselves. 


  • PLG Learning


There are two types of past life regression learning. One is through an online or live session, wherein a therapist offers online courses on how the therapy will go, and it has two levels. The next is through self-learning. In this type, there are three stages, namely meditation, dream analysis, and self-hypnosis. Of course, there’ll be proper instructions given to ensure its effectiveness.  


  • Safety 


Past life regression therapy has no harmful physical effects or risks that one should be wary of. However, memories of trauma and conflict may cause some emotional triggers, but they’re not permanent. Instead of finishing the therapy exhausted and unstable, one will come out refreshed and anew.


  • Price


The price for past life regression therapy sessions ranges from USD$250 up to USD$350, depending on the therapy practitioner’s or therapist’s expertise, and how many sessions one may prefer. 


Overall, past life regression therapy promises many benefits, such as resolutions of conflict, renewing and understanding oneself, and building strong relationships, among others. However, this technique is subject to debate and investigation as it’s not evidence-based. There are arguments whether past life regression is ethical. Before trying this therapy, be well-informed and learn the details to see if it aligns with your ethical values or not. 





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