6 Color Combinations to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Have you ever spent time flipping through trendy fashion magazines wondering how they pull together the craziest, out-of-this-world color combinations into a stellar, cohesive outfit? Ever find yourself attempting to pull together one of these color combinations but overwhelm has you retreating whenever you attempt to go outside your comfort zone. Instead, you find yourself back to the safe and tame classics of your capsule wardrobe.

Life is too short to live life in neutrals. If you’re tired of blending in and wearing the same things over and over again, it’s time to embrace your inner fashion maven and learn everything you need to know about color to liven up your wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd with these six color combinations for every season and free yourself from the monotony of seasonal color palettes. 

Life is too short to live life in neutrals. If you’re tired of blending in and wearing the same things over and over again, it’s time to embrace your inner fashion maven. Stand out from the crowd with these six color combinations for every season and free yourself from the monotony of seasonal color palettes. 

1. Play with Your Primaries 

Remember when you were in elementary school art class learning to paint? If not, it’s time to refresh your mind and finally apply your art teacher’s lessons. An outfit combining primary colors, red, yellow, and blue will be eye-catching in a crowd and make your art teacher proud.

Experiment with these colors in blocks or patterns. Feel extra fun and fierce by adding a touch of black or white into the mix. And don’t forget to play with your accessories, a pair of earrings, a clutch, or some vividly hued Converse can really pack a punch.

2. Seaside Sunset – Orange and Blue 

Matching complementary colors is a surefire way to make a statement. Try out a yellow-orange and a serene powder blue for an outfit that conveys a spritz of the seaside at sunset. The orange lends the outfit a bright warmth, while the blue gives a softness for those not looking to go too far out of their comfort zones. In case you forgot your color theory basics, complementary colors are opposite pairs on the color wheel.

Experiment with other hues of orange and blue for a different flavor. Like a cobalt blue and tangerine for a pop-art feel. Or sapphire and bronze for something more regal. Once you find one complementary pair and start experimenting with the various hues, the color combinations are endless. Blue denim with a pair of striking orange iconic Prada clutch for a look that’s sure to impress.

3. Twilight Hues – Violets and Blues 

Tune into the midnight hour by combining these twilight hues of purples and blues. An outfit made up of violet, amethyst, and indigo is sure to wow in a crowd. Despite being a combination of darker colors it still comes across as a bold statement. Everyone from Carolina Herrara to Free People routinely designs stunning choices in this color scheme. 

While most might shy away from pairing these colors they are mistaken. Because of where they lay on the color wheel they make an unexpectedly great outfit. These colors make up what is called an analogous color scheme, which means they are three colors on the wheel that sit right next to each other. This makes for a successful outfit instead of a color flop. 

4. Blushing Berry – Shades of Red

The secret fun of a monochromatic palette is that you get to play with as many colors in the palette as you want. You can choose whether you want an obvious and slow transition between the hues or if you’d rather add harsh pops. Take an ode from street style and use the iconic Air Jordan 13 Retro Red Flint for an updated pop of classic color on your feet.

You can even do something unexpected and extend the palette into your makeup look. Add a pop of red to your lips or a sweetened pink hue to your eyes. Many people shy away from pairing red and pink, but when they see you rocking a blushing berry monochromatic palette, you might make strangers rethink their choices. 

5. Sweet Summertime All Year Round – Green and Yellow

No matter what time of year it actually is, it’ll feel like sweet summertime with this yellow and green color combination. Put a pair of lemon yellow pumps with a green jumper or a yellow blouse and high-waisted green bottoms for a fresh look. Not only will you look fresh, but you’ll feel fresh channeling the brightness of citrus and botanical gardens. 

The possibilities are endless with this color-matching technique in color theory known as color blocking. The name of the game in color blocking is to pair two or three colors together in an outfit. Designer Yves. St. Laurent even started the technique by color blocking all in one piece of clothing. The number of color combinations you can make with this color-matching trend is infinite, but this lemony yellow and fresh green are sure to be a hit.

6. Funky, Fresh, and Fine – Purple, Orange, and Green

While it may seem far-fetched, don’t close the door on this color combination until you try it. Combining purple, orange, and green gives off funky retro vibes. If you choose to embrace the trends of the 60s and 70s, then pairing a cute jumper and colored tights would be a fun way to incorporate color in a way many other people aren’t today.

Though it seems like it should fail, this color combination of purple, orange, and green work so well together because they are a tertiary color scheme. They form a triadic pattern on the color wheel, which means any three colors that form a triangle can be matched. Trust in this theory and you’ll avoid a disastrous color clashing outfit. 

Live Life in Color

With these six color combinations, you can kiss the winter blues goodbye, pass up on the pastels in the spring, and sidestep the trap of only wearing flannel in the fall. Fear color no more and remember that there are more ways to expand your wardrobe than just adding more patterns. When you start experimenting with color, you have more options for more outfits. 

Don’t stop with these color combination ideas. Once you’ve explored these recommendations, delve in and experiment with others. If you’re ever worried about colors clashing, just pull out your trusty color wheel and turn to your color theory guide. 

Remember, though it is elegant, life is too short to only wear the neutrals in your capsule wardrobe. Stop blending in with the crowd and add some spice to your wardrobe. Be bold, be brave, be playful, and fun. What color combinations are you most excited to try? 


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