6 of the World’s Best Yachting Locations

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Are you planning your next exploring experience? Getting a yacht charter offers you the freedom to travel to whichever part of the world you want at your own pace. Dock in Thailand and stay for days before you sail to Turkey or Croatia. From island hopping to stopping by some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world, yachting allows you to make the most of your holiday and experience wonderful world’s locations from a unique perspective. If you’re ready to set sail, here are some of the most beautiful locations you must visit. 

Sail to Thailand

If you’re ready to rent a yacht and start your journey, make sure you set sails to Thailand. Have you always wanted to witness a landscape full of sandy beaches, tall palm trees, and deep blue waters in person? Thailand offers all of that as well as friendly locals will make your yachting experience worthwhile. Hop from one island to another and walk barefoot to feel every grain of soft Thailand sand.  For water sports fans, Thailand will be a revelation. You can dive, snorkel, and swim in the warm crystalline waters. Use the opportunity to take your yacht a step further and explore the hidden coves of Phuket. 

When planning a sailing trip to these exquisite locations, selecting the appropriate yacht is crucial to ensuring the experience matches your expectations. Factors such as size, comfort, and performance should guide your choice. For instance, a large group of friends might opt for a more spacious vessel to accommodate everyone comfortably, while those in search of a more intimate trip could consider yachts like the Hanse 548, known for its balance of luxury and navigability. Overall, Sailing in Croatia provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore its stunning coastline dotted with historic towns, secluded coves, and crystal-clear waters, making it a premier destination for enthusiasts looking to capture the essence of the Mediterranean.


Anchors aweigh and head to Croatia

Croatia has some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. Stretching from Pula down to medieval Dubrovnik, you’ll see a wealth of sailing opportunities. With over 1,100 islands to explore, Croatia has become one of the yachting destinations in the world. If you’re starting your journey from Europe, and you need a luxury yacht charter, Croatia offers an array of yachts for the best sailing experience. The pristine beaches along the Kornati archipelago or Lastovo archipelago are just some of the examples of unspoiled beauties of Europe that you must sail to. During April and May, the water is warm enough to swim, so we suggest you use mid to late spring days to visit Croatia by yacht. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the country’s historical places such as Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar. Croatia is a true crown jewel of the Adriatic, featuring historic towns, picturesque harbours, deserted islands and smart marinas just waiting for you to admire them. 


Take your yacht to the Bahamas

From stunning beaches to luxurious resorts, the Bahamas is the dream destination for people worldwide. Being a safe place to sail to, it was only natural to put it on our list of best destinations to sail to. The Bahamas offers a perfect mixture of beautiful and exotic where the vibrant island culture intertwines with breath-taking white sandy beaches. Take a minute to admire the great ocean landscapes and warm waters as you explore the bays by your yacht. Go snorkelling and scuba diving, and don’t forget to taste some of the best meals of the Bahamas cuisine.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

Have you always imagined seeing palms sway as crystal-clear lagoons and blissful beaches create a stunning backdrop for your vacation photos? Tahiti is precisely the location that offers all that plus fringing reefs and opulent marine life. The islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine, Tahaa, and Bora Bora are among the most visited ones. However, you can find 118 islands in this region of the South Pacific to sail between. Whether you want to take a swim in the turquoise waters, dive in, snorkel, sunbathe or just sail, the Tahiti region will leave you in awe.

Visit Turkey too

The coast of Turkey offers everything from isolated coves to glitzy jet-set nightlife. It’s a place where everyone can have a great time regardless of the taste. To experience the real yachting feel, make sure you hop to the epicentre of Turkish sailing – Bodrum. The charming waterfront towns of Hisaronu Gulf are worth sailing to, as well. Set sail to lively Marmaris and continue to Fethiye Bay, with its scattering of secluded coves. If you’d like to taste some of the most delicious meals in Turkey, stop by the bustling towns of Gocek and Fethiye. You can also shop till you drop at their iconic markets, where you can haggle for rugs and local produce.


Island hopping in Greece

The islands of Mykonos and Delos are must-see locations on your yachting trip. Those will be especially interesting to everyone interested in archaeology and ancient mythology. If you’re more of a ruins kind of tourist, then Greek ruins in Delos will be a real treat for you. Showcasing 2,000-year-old mosaic floors and rich cultural beliefs, this stop must be on your travel itinerary. The Dodecanese islands are another amazing location to hop to. Windy but untamed and authentic, Rhodes, Kos, Kalimnos, Lipsi and Patmos portray everything traditional Greece is about. 

Final thoughts

If you’re determined to get a yacht charter and start your sailing adventure, make sure you visit the locations that we’ve listed. Each and every one of them will offer a unique experience and help you make the most of your yachting adventure.


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