9 Goals To Work Towards For 30-Somethings In 2021

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Our 20s are a time of transition and change as we grow into fully formed adults. It is a time for fun and adventure. Many people consider our 30s to be the time to truly settle down and get serious; while this is true for many, there are still many fun and exciting things to work towards in our third decade of life.  

Here are some of the best goals 30-somethings can work towards in 2021.  

Focus On Friendships 

If you have a large circle of friends, it may be time to focus on your close friendships. Quality over quantity is essential as you get older and choose the bonds that will be with you for life. This can improve your mental and emotional well-being.   

Read More 

You should read more in your 30s to keep your mind sharp and help you de-stress. You can read whatever you enjoy to feel the benefits of improved vocabulary, mental well-being and cognitive ability.  

Become Debt-Free 

You should become financially secure as you progress through your 30s by consolidating and reducing your debts. You should pay off debts like loans and credit cards by upping your monthly repayments. The lower your debts, the more you will save for the future.  

Keep Learning 

To succeed in your 30s and beyond, you should never stop learning and growing. You should consider new hobbies and sports, or learn a new language.  

Get On The Property Ladder 

If you want to settle down, you should start saving to get on the property ladder. Buying a property means you will have financial security for years to come. If you have savings already, you should find out what properties you can afford using tools like this mortgage calculator from The Home Loan Expert.  

Eat Better 

To maintain your health, you should start eating better throughout your 30s. You should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and avoid too much sugar and fat. You can have the occasional treat, but you will need to be more conscious of having a varied diet to keep your body in the best shape.  

Sleep Well 

Getting enough sleep will ensure you are energized, healthy and productive. You should aim for seven to nine hours per night. You should invest in good quality pillows, bedding and mattresses if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.  

Settle On A Career Path 

By the end of your 30s, you should be settled in your chosen career. It is never too late to decide on a career, but if you want financial stability, it should be your goal for your 30s. A career path will give you purpose and direction.  

Spend Time With Family 

You should connect with your family as you and they get older. Spend quality time with your relatives and maintain the bonds with them, which will support you through later life. If you have children, they should spend time with their grandparents to connect them with their family history.  

Final Thoughts 

Our 30s are a time of growth and change, where we settle into maturity. You should work throughout your 30s to improve yourself mentally, emotionally and financially. This will set you up nicely for your middle and later years.  

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