Ease Lockdown Anxiety with These Helpful Tips

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Anxiety and feelings of trepidation are something that we have all experienced during challenging periods in our lives. None more so than in the last year.  

Approximately half of all British adults admitting to feeling some sort of anxiety during lockdown and many more have expressed their concerns about feeling anxious over the lifting of lockdown. As a result, there is little surprise that many people are searching for ways to ease their feelings of anxiety in the coming weeks and months. 

Read on for some of our helpful tips on how to manage and ease these feelings that you might be experiencing.  

Breathing Techniques and Meditation: One of the most common methods of easing anxiety that is recommended by professionals the world over. When feeling anxious, your heart rate increases, and it can cause your chest to feel tight and leaves you struggling to take deep breaths. By taking time to practice breathing techniques and calm your mind, you can positively contribute to your overall well-being when experiencing moments like these. Not to mention, being aware of what breathing techniques alleviate your mood is helpful when faced with particularly stressful situations when you would need to calm yourself down.  

Exercising Regularly: Another frequently recommended suggestion, but one that makes a world of difference to both your mental well-being and physical health as well. While we can recognize that getting out and about for exercise and fresh air as of late may be contributing to the feelings of anxiety for some people, it is something that should be considered when wanting to ease your feelings of anxiety. Exercise releases a range of hormones in your body, including that of endorphins, which is a mood elevator; even going for a brisk walk is sure to get the blood pumping and those hormones travelling around your body.  

Alternative Remedies: While there are medications that doctors can administer, there may be some people reading this who would prefer to try alternative options before going down this route. One such alternative remedy that could be used to alleviate anxiety symptoms are the likes of CBD gummies. Provided by the likes of Handpicked CBD and various other companies, those who want to try CBD gummies can expect to find a wide variety of flavors on offer, which can be used to alleviate anxiety in a variety of situations. Certainly, worth considering when wanting to alleviate symptoms of anxiety both within lockdown and beyond.   

Talk It Out: Generally speaking, but when you experience feelings of anxiety, they result from our minds wondering and creating scenarios and questions in our heads, to which we attempt to find the solution to there and then. With this in mind, when faced with a particularly anxiety-inducing situation, or if you find that you feel your mood changing, consider talking your thoughts and feelings through with a loved one. Not only will they be able to calm you down, but they will be able to assist you with whatever it is that has caused you to feel this way in the first place.  

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