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How Furnished Apartments Continue to Grow in Popularity

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Renting an apartment as a long-term living solution has been growing in popularity. Forty percent of renters polled in Freddie Mac’s 2019 housing survey said that homeownership isn’t a priority and likely never will be. Many renters opt for apartment living because it better suits their lifestyles. As the trend of apartment living grows, tenants of all demographics and income levels are choosing to rent furnished apartments.

It’s become desirable for renters to live in proximity to both their jobs and activities of interest. Having the ability to work and play within the same area appeals to young professionals who are particular about amenities and neighborhoods. Apartment living offers tenants fitness centers, community rooms, conference areas, workstations, and more. The ease of apartment living helps save tenants time and money while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

What is a furnished apartment?


Furnished apartments come with the furnishings needed to live normally. The most basic of furnished apartments include living room furniture such as a couch, dining and coffee tables, and end tables. They also include bedroom furniture such as beds, dressers, nightstands, and some sort of closet or wardrobe. The kitchen should include the basics such as standard appliances, cookware, bakeware, utensils, and dishes.

Different types of apartments offer different amenities and services. A higher-end luxury furnished apartment may come with cleaning services as well as grounds maintenance. Unlike homeowners, you don’t have to worry about property upkeep as a renter. Homeowners should clean the exterior of their homes annually to keep them in good shape and maintain curb appeal. When moving into a new home, it’s a good idea to hire professionals who specialize in exterior and professional window cleaning services. When you’re a renter, your management company will take care of the window cleaning for you.

Labor Panes cleaning services near Lake Norman are known for customer service, affordability, and high-quality work. The window cleaning company’s services include residential and commercial window cleaning, pressure washing, and exterior cleaning. Labor Panes can help restore and maintain the exterior of your home with its solution-based pressure washing process.

The benefits of renting a furnished apartment.


There are several benefits to renting a furnished apartment. You’ll have lower upfront costs when setting up a new apartment. It’s much easier on your budget when you don’t have to worry about buying furniture on top of paying a security deposit. There’s no need to move bulky, heavy furniture between homes, which makes the moving day far easier. You can still decorate your new home and add your personal touch. Furnished apartments are a smart choice if you need a short-term rental due to a work assignment or if you want to try out a new neighborhood and see if it’s really such a great place.

Austin, TX is booming with job opportunities for young professionals. The city is full of versatile neighborhoods that range in median home price, proximity to the downtown area, amenities, and more. Hello Landing shares its choice of the best neighborhoods in Austin for young professionals. For example, the North Loop has great walkability, plenty of single-family homes, vintage shops, unique small businesses, and live music venues.

On the other hand, East Austin is a mix of older locals and young professionals with greenbelt access, local eateries, and walking distance to downtown. Hyde Park is the perfect place for nature lovers who enjoy historic homes, art galleries, coffee shops, and local businesses. Other popular neighborhoods include South Congress (SoCo), Barton Hills, Zilker, and Mueller. Before renting an apartment, it’s important to get a feel for different areas and determine the best neighborhood for your lifestyle.

The cons of furnished apartments.


While you do have lower upfront costs with a furnished apartment, the monthly rent is usually higher. You should compare the rental prices of furnished and unfurnished apartments as well as determine how much furniture you actually need and how much you can spend on furniture. You are responsible for the costs of any damage to the furnishings, or risk losing part of your security deposit.

Unless renting a luxury apartment, furnishings aren’t always of the highest quality. Pay attention to the condition of furnishings when touring the apartment and determine if the price is worth what’s included. Depending on the size of the apartment and the amount of furnishings included, you may have to downsize. There may not be room in your new home for the furniture you want from your old home.

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Moving into a new home that’s furnished helps lower your upfront costs, makes moving day easier, and still gives you the ability to decorate.

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