Jonathan Mael Highlights the Best Golf Clubs / Drivers for 2021

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When everyone was told during the pandemic to socially distance, engage in outdoor activities, and stay active, golf was one of the best options available. Unsurprisingly, golf has been booming ever since businesses and amenities started ‘softly re-opening’ in April and May. As one of the first ‘safe’ spaces able to get back to business, interest in the sport quickly followed. As an avid golfer himself, Jonathan Mael believes that golf will continue to be a ‘pandemic safe’ sport well into 2021 and has compiled a list of golf clubs and drivers for players of every level.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or a novice, Jonathan Mael explains that it is never too late to learn. Not only does golf benefit your mental well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and give you an opportunity to safely socialize, it is also easy to learn. With so many options on the market, Jonathan Mael is outlining some of the top picks for 2021.

The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is a great driver for your 2021 needs if you have some experience with the game. Jonathan Mael explains that this driver comes equipped with a 12-gram sliding weight to help with ball flight control. Designed to get players with faster swings better results, this driver gives players both distance and feel—a winning combination according to Mael. He claims that it is difficult to find a driver that checks all of the boxes, but this is one that definitely does. 

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably already heard about this next driver: the TaylorMade M6. Jonathan Mael explains that several high-profile golf players have spoken publicly about this golf club’s ability to create more ball speed than potentially any other driver on the market. While this club has no adjustable weights, the M6 is more a ‘set it and forget it’ option. The M6 has seen plenty of distance and forgiveness improvements compared to the M4 model, making it a great option for amateurs.

The Cobra F9 Speedback is not often a company that gets a lot of credit for having a top performance driver; however, this new and improved driver proves otherwise. Jonathan Mael explains that this is the longest driver that the company has ever put out. The black carbon fiber crown is the only one like it on the market. Focusing on all handicap levels, not just low or high, this driver can be configured to fit every golfer out there. 

Lastly, for a more affordable option, Jonathan Mael suggests the Mizuno ST190. As one of the best drivers on the market, Mizuno have just started to make a name for themselves in the wedge and driver market. Producing low spin rates, the club head is sleek, black, and has a very pleasant sound. This driver offers great ball speed and distance and is the perfect option for someone just getting started. 


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