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Perfectbodyposture’s creator, Souf, is a former boxer and personal trainer. Because his goal has always been to push clients to achieve their objectives and the image they want to have of themselves, he decided to create his own brand: Perfect Body Posture. 

It is during his younger years, that Souf realized the importance of posture in boxing and the somewhat endemic problem of poor posture in fighters. As muscles become stronger, they shorten. This is why boxers’ shoulders are out of alignment: their pecs are too short. You fix this by strengthening your back muscles, but also by loosening your front. 

He himself as a fighter, reported neck, back pain and even headaches caused by poor postural habits. Souf, spent months training with his coach and friend to correct his own posture which stopped him from starting a professional boxing career. But Souf likes to remind people that “We learn more from our mistakes than our successes”. 

Souf worked hard in the gym with weight lifting, targeting specific areas as well as swimming to correct his posture. The time and energy he spent allowed him to considerably improve his physic as well as his posture and this is what led him to transfer this knowledge. Indeed, he decided to offer his services as a professional coach and trainer to wealthy individuals. However, Souf was forced to realize that in the office (he also started a communication agency), his lifestyle brought him back to his bad postural habits… 

This is when the idea to use a postural corrector came along. Something discret that he could use in his everyday life. The first postural corrector that Souf bought partially satisfied him. He found something that provided clavicle posture support while at the gym, exercising and sitting long hours at the computer at work. The postural corrector was also perfectly invisible under his clothes and easily worn under a shirt at work or while exercising. 

The postural corrector he bought was from a well-known brand and at first satisfied him, but with time, Souf realized a few uncomfortable factors, notably : 

– the corrector was hard to adjust for the type of activity you were undertaking. – the material was slowing deteriorating and was not comfortable over time. 

– there was little absorption and the material would leave sweat marks all over at the end of a day. 

Souf, decided he had enough ! He wanted to create his own postural corrector. He decided to go search for a factory that would fit within his budget and create the perfect product. He spent months on the design and finally perfected his very own postural corrector. He tested the design on himself first and then offered it to his former clients. The result was unbelievable ! Souf knew he had to sell the product to the public. Perfectbodyposture was finally created, after years of hard work and tenacity. 

Today, Souf, has a message for all his readers, “always get ahead of your problems no matter how much it will cost you. Stay active wherever destiny will bring you!” 

Stay tuned !

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