The 4 Safest Cars on the Market Right Now

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Despite ongoing public safety campaigns and advances in technology, car accidents still remain the number 1 cause of deaths amongst people aged 1-50 in the United States. Today, roughly 38,000 people are killed on US roads every year, with over 4 million requiring medical attention. It is not surprising therefore that safety is one of the most important factors for people when purchasing a new car. This is especially the case for buyers with young families. To give you an overview of the market then, here are 4 of the highest rated vehicles for safety that are available today. 

Mazda CX-30

Offering similar comfort but more portability than traditional 4x4s vehicles, compact SUVs have seen a surge in popularity lately, especially among families. And while good safety is a common feature among compact SUVs, reviewers have labelled the Mazda CX-30 the frontrunner in terms of both overall safety and reliability. Most notably, it is one of the best rated vehicles ever in terms of shielding passengers from crashes. It also boasts a number of distinctive features, including emergency autonomous braking, lane keep assistance, and speed assistance. It also offers the traditional benefits of the SUV, including premium space and visibility.

Lexus ES

Compact SUVs like the Mazda are certainly appealing when considering safety for you and your passengers alone, but what about being safe for the environment? If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint but safety is also a major priority, the hybrid Lexus ES is unquestionably the standard-bearer on the market today. A large and spacious modern saloon, the ES offers the same comfort and space that make SUVs appealing to families, without cutting corners on safety. In fact, safety is one of its most distinguishing features, and has won numerous awards both in the large family car and hybrid categories. Unlike other hybrids, it also offers a superior, smooth driving experience. 

2021 Honda Civic

Fresh off another redesign, the Civic still remains the market leader among modern hatchbacks. New features of the 2021 Civic also have notably improved its safety rating. Most importantly, it’s design effectively protects the driver’s survival space  during front-end crashes, one of the more dangerous forms of accidents. However, the narrowness of the car’s body means there is some risk of injury to the driver’s right leg. Overall, though, the safety features of this car are very advanced for a hatchback. 

Volkswagen GTI

A competitor to the Civic as a smaller car with an outstanding safety rating, the Volkswagen GTI is one of the rare vehicles to score a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While modern GTIs are certainly on the expensive side as far as small cars go, it also offers some of the most high-tech  safety features. Its standard version already comes with a rear-view camera and rain-sensing windshield wipers as standard, but also offers essentially every other safety feature available as extra as well. It is important to note, though, that it was the version of the GTI with all the additional safety features included which was awarded the five-star rating.

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