The Art of Accessories: How to Complete Your Looks

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If accessorising was as easy as grabbing the nearest thing and adorning your neck, hands or waist – we would all master the art of accessories. The truth is, there is much more care that goes into curating the perfect accessories and having enough range to complete a number of different looks. If you are one to play it safe or feel like you often miss the mark, today we are going to discuss how you can effectively accessorise. Naturally, each of us has different tastes and styles, and so each tip might not resonate with you completely. Just like accessories, take what you need and leave the rest.


Not only are bags functional, but they can be your best asset when it comes to flawless accessorising. It’s important to remember that we don’t just mean the basics, but also totes, backpacks, second-hand handbags, cross-body and even bum bags. They each have a season or signature look they can contribute to while also serving a core function for work or play. Whether you want your bags to be the centre of your look or simply contribute to it will depend entirely on you, and so a range of colours, materials and textures will serve you well in having options for all occasions.


Jewellery is probably the first thing we think of when it comes to accessories, and this includes statement pieces as well as those classic pieces we wear every day. What you want to aim for with your jewellery is that it works for your colouring, is the missing link that ties an outfit together, and is not overdone (unless this is your intention). 

What do we mean by colouring? We mean that gold can look fabulous with those who have an olive or dark complexion and are known to wear neutral colours. Fairer skinned individuals often suit silver, especially if they have chosen a bolder outfit colour palette. Trial and error might be best when foraying into the world of jewellery, and quality pieces are always going to be more agreeable than their costume alternative. If playing by the rules is not your jam – then get as creative as you like!

Clothing accessories

Clothing accessories are crucial in completing a look, and sometimes they are not utilised to their full potential. This includes socks, stockings, gloves, ribbons, belts, suspenders and shawls. Use these pieces to fill gaps, tie colours together and provide layering without having to rethink an entire outfit. You can also match your hardware (from your belt, for example) to your jewellery choice or the chosen bag’s texture and material. The seasons will be another determinant for your accessories, so make sure you are covered for seasonal options

Optical and sunglasses 

Drugstore reading glasses have been replaced with a number of stylish frames, and people can easily choose a look and feel that represents their personality in the growing optical market. In fact, with a number of new optometry providers entering the market, it no longer costs a fortune to have a pair of glasses made, and we can actually collect a few different styles for different occasions and looks. The same goes for sunglasses – what you wear for your work commute will be vastly different from what you might choose on the weekend or for an event. Introduce a mix of glasses to your accessory base and work to match colour, hardware, inspiration or whatever theme you choose. 

The crazy thing about accessorising is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Timeless and understated might suit some, whereas layering and colliding colours might also be the aim of others. Simply get started and try some looks to determine what your style is and how you can portray it through the accessories at your disposal.

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