The Complete Guide to Choosing the Groom’s Wedding Band

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Lost in an array of bands and struggling to pick one? Don’t worry, this guide has all the answers.

Men’s wedding rings were seldom mentioned until recently. The engagement ring is something that men agonize about. They want it to be ideal for our upcoming bride. And, once that’s taken care of, they don’t pay attention to rings much anymore. Yes, they will wear it but the design will be similar to the bride’s, with no sentiment attached to it. It is surprising to think about since these wedding bands are something that men will wear for the rest of their lives and defines a sense of commitment to their partner.

However, on the brighter side, more men are starting to be concerned about their wedding bands and many need a guide to help them in this journey. Don’t worry! In this article, we will talk about all you need to consider before choosing a wedding band, with some tips at the end!

Choose Your Material

The material of your ring will complement its overall design. There is a lot to choose from, which we will discuss soon. But when you are choosing a material, make sure that you are not allergic to it, as some people tend to be. Also, choose the type of material that has the properties you are looking for. To help you further, here are some of the common materials used for wedding bands. 

Platinum: Platinum is an elegant metal and an amazing choice for a wedding band. It is white or silver in color, durable, classy, and lasts long. It is also more expensive than gold as it is rare to find. So, evaluate your budget if you are planning to get one. Most platinum rings that you buy are around 95 percent platinum, with the rest mixed with other metals for a better result. 

White Gold: White gold is a unique metal that is an alloy mixed with nickel and silver palladium with a rhodium plating. This gives off a beautiful shine which is commonly used in jewelry. However, since it is a gold alloy, the coating will fade away and it will start appearing yellow. But it can always be recoated. 

Rose Gold: This is another alloy made of gold and copper with silver for the shine. It comes in different shades of red and pink. This usually depends on the amount of copper mixed in with the gold. If you want a more reddish tone, add more copper, and for faded pink, add more gold and so on. 

Yellow Gold: This is the material everyone is familiar with. This material dates back centuries and is used in many types of jewelry. However, this material is not always pure. Pure gold is not durable, so to maintain its stability, people mix in different materials. So, talk to your supplier if you want to get the real deal. 

Sterling Silver: Silver is a classy cheap alternative for materials like platinum. Silver bands are made durable by mixing nickel or copper. It is an easy material to find and go for. Depending on the materials you mix, they can be white to grey. 

Decide on Your Design

Choosing a design is the most important thing to consider before finalizing what finish and material you desire. You also want to visualize what properties you want in your design; for example, you may want it more durable, malleable, heat-resistant, and so on.

You also want to identify if you want a simple design of plain metal or gems and sparkle. For a heads up, try researching on the internet to see samples of different designs, or visit some shops, or read on for further suggestions. You could browse black rings for men, silver rings, promise rings, gold, and so on. Look around, sketch it out, and plan your designs accordingly. 

Choose Your Finish!

Apart from choosing a design, it is important to choose a finish that will complement the band. There are various options to choose from. Some of them are listed below:

High Polish: High Polish is the most common choice for the majority of people. It describes metal with a reflective finish.

Matte: Matte is a less reflective finish that has a more modern touch to it. 

Combination: Combination wedding bands combine both matte and high polish textures, a bit of both worlds. 

Hammered: Hammered rings are the type that looks like they are hammered to give out a sense of texture in the band. It is one of the recent unique trends which is used in most band designs. 

Determine Your Budget.

Doing some research ahead of time and narrowing down metal options will help you come up with a reasonable budget so that you can use it to aid in your ring purchases. Also, decide ahead what kind of ring you want. Diamond? Gold? Meaningful Gemstones? There are many to choose from, so plan according to your budgetary limit. Look into the rates different materials are costing. Compare shops both online and offline. Try to see if you can find discount codes or coupons. Planning your budget will save you from making impulsive purchases and less stress, as you will mostly look into ring stores that offer you a fair price. 

Shop Around Different Places

It’s a good idea to shop around before making a final decision. Try on rings in at least three shops and compare models and costs. It is essential to check which bands are available that resonate with your preferences. One thing to note is that it is always a better option to look into different shops. The majority of grooms tend to purchase their ring from the same store as their partner. You need to make sure that the supplier can provide you with the design and can meet your criteria for the perfect wedding band. 

Choose Your Thickness

So, how thick do you want your wedding band to be? The thickness of your ring will have an impact on your final design. A leaner ring will be delicate and can be difficult to handle. A chunky ring can make it too bulky. So, you want to choose a thickness that can complement your design and meet the Goldilocks Principle, so to speak. It depends on what your preferences are. A suggestion: If you are a man who tends to work mostly with your hands, you should get yourself a thicker ring since it can handle the stress applied to it. 

Get Yourself Sized

Once the materials and designs are perfect, you are almost all set. The only thing left is your sizing! You don’t want to mess with this one, especially since this is something you will wear forever. You need to find out the size of your fingers. Before you finalize your designs, go to your jeweler and ask them to measure your fingers. It needs to be precise. One thing to note is that the size of your fingers changes due to temperature. Too hot, and it elongates. Too cold, and it shrinks. So measure while keeping the two situations in mind, and come up with an average size. You also want to make sure that you choose a comfortable size!


There are countless ways to personalize the band with an engraving to add a pop of uniqueness, whether you prefer a ring that is understated and classic or more modern and eye-catching. Engraving your wedding date, your fiancé’s name or initials, an expression, phrase, or song lyric that’s important to your love story will give the ring an added significance. What could be more romantic than having a reminder of your other half next to you every day? You could even have your fiancé’s fingerprint engraved into the metal. Depending on if you want to keep the engraving private or show it off to the world, you can have it engraved on the inside or outside of your ring.

Extra Tips!

Protect Your band from Extreme Situations

Yes, this is something you’ll always wear forever, but there are exceptions for some places! For example, using harsh cleaners, handling gym equipment, or working out. Remove your ring when you are doing outdoor work. It can be too harsh on the ring and reduce its longevity. You would not want that!

Clean Your Wedding Band Regularly

It is important to clean your wedding band and take care of your jewelry to avoid irritation from bacteria buildup. Soak your rings in a bowl of warm water and let them sit for 10-20 minutes. Then using a soft towel, gently dry it off. For engraved designs, use a brush to remove the dirt, but nothing too abrasive. 

In Conclusion 

Woah, this was a lot. Well, the bottom line of this guide is that you should have a say in one of the most important parts of your wedding. Bring your opinions, choose your ring without relying on your partner, and have fun with it! It even adds a wholesome touch and love because your partner will appreciate you taking part in the ring-picking process. It is a fun journey that many are not aware of, but once it is done, it is fruitful for life. With this, you will have a band that you will enjoy for the rest of your life, representing the bond you want to savor forever. 

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