Why Are Your Company Computers Running So Slow?

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When it comes to being a modern business owner, you’re probably an online only operation, or the website you run makes up the bulk of your service. And with both options here, you’re very much dependent on the computers that allow you access to the online world and all of its benefits! However, when you depend on technology, it can let you down time and time again in a way no human ever could. 

Indeed, protecting your business means protecting the assets that make your business possible, and for most modern companies, that means the technology your very base operations run on. Here are the top things you need to check on now. 

A Lack of Maintenance 

When you don’t run regular maintenance on your company computers, you can leave them open to all kinds of threats, including outside intrusions from third party sources. And when this happens, it can slow your computers down to a complete halt, as this is the most common attack on modern business servers. 

So it’s clear you need to have a technician on site. And even when you can’t afford to have an in-house IT department, you can very well outsource your needs to a local company. Be sure to do this, so you have a trained professional keeping an eye on things at all times in the background. 

An Overloaded Hard Drive

In your day to day operations, you’re going to need to get on with quite a few things at once. Maybe a program is updating in the background, maybe you’ve got two or three apps open, and maybe you’ve got your email server running as well. 

And when all of these things are open at once, there’s a very good chance your hard drive isn’t equipped to deal with it all. Which means you either need to upgrade for more storage, or you need to attach an external hard drive that can take the bulk of the work on.

A Bad Connection

A bad connection is something a lot of businesses suffer from; maybe the network you’re a part of isn’t constructed right (or there are too many people on it), or maybe you’re not plugged in correctly, or maybe you opted for the cheapest wifi option to try and save money. No matter the reasoning behind it, a bad connection can make your computers run incredibly slowly, and that’s not effective for money or business! 

You’re going to have to look into ways to make your connection work faster. You’ll need to reduce latency, or try to remove the lock up time on your computers, which is something a service like can help you with. Similarly, why not look to upgrade your wifi, or even just clear the cache on your web browser on a regular basis? It can all help. 

If your company computers have been noticeably slow recently, or maybe they’ve always been behind the times, it’s time to work out why!

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