Will Our Love Affair With CBD Ever End?

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CBD is probably the hottest product on the market right now. But thanks to a general advertising ban on most major platforms, the word is trickling out slowly. Eventually, though, the current taboo is going to break, and people will see CBD for what it is: a necessary adjuvant for a world gone mad. 

CBD is not the same as cannabis. It’s a compound that mimics substances the body creates itself, helping to bring the consumer back into balance. People report fewer intrusive thoughts, less panic, and better sleep. Overall, it appears to restore the body to the way nature intended, undoing some of the damage done by modern society. 

But the question is whether our love affair with the substance will ever end? Right now, it seems impossibly popular – the point to which it is now a billion-dollar industry.

CBD And Health

Achieving health is a complicated process, and something that a lot of people don’t understand. You can do it the old-fashioned way, but there are so many mixed messages out there that it’s almost impossible for the average person to come up with a sensible plan for their lives. 

And that’s why CBD is flourishing. It’s simple to understand. It has a lot of science backing it up. And it seems to work – at least in some people. 

Now compare that to going about health the old-fashioned way. You have to change your diet, learn to cook, plan your meals, go to bed early, avoid harmful substances, like sugar, salt and alcohol, and meditate. For the average person, all that is just too much. It’s such a monumental change, they can’t do it all. So they look for shortcuts. And that’s where CBD comes into its own. 

Is CBD A Flash In The Pan? 

It doesn’t look like CBD is a flash in the pan. Yes, there is such a thing as cannabis debt collection companies, but you’d expect these services to appear in any industry. Most brands are solvent and financially viable, so long as the market persists. 

CBD is also likely to stay for another reason: it’s so convenient. If you can make yourself feel good by taking a tincture in the morning, you’re going to do that instead of going to all the trouble of working out and eating right. It’s just so much simpler. 

So it doesn’t look like CBD is a fad. And so long as it continues to provide benefits for people, they will keep buying it. 

How Does It Benefit Your Health? 

CBD helps people in all sorts of ways. The FDA, for instance, recently cleared a CBD-containing drug for epilepsy. Informally, doctors prescribe it for things like chronic pain and sleeplessness, though these are not yet official medical uses. 

Some people just use it daily, even if they don’t have any acute problems, like depression. After a couple of weeks of taking it, they notice that they just feel better and more alive. And so they stick with it, despite the relatively high price tag.

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