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You Have Tons of Options With the Best Collection of Sectionals Design by Ashley

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Choosing new furniture for your living space can be challenging, especially when you are trying to cram as much seating into as little a space as possible. The best way to tackle such seating arrangements is with a sectional. 

Sectionals are very sturdy pieces of furniture, and they can be much more versatile. When you know that you will change your home decor before you are ready to get new furniture, choosing a sectional like the neutral but contemporary Rawcliffe model is a great option. While sectionals can get pricey, you can also find affordable models.

Rawcliffe Parchment Large Sectional fits most rooms.

The Rawcliffe Parchment large sectional is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can buy. The sectional comes with three pieces, two side arm couches and one corner wedge. The best thing about this contemporary sectional is that its neutral tones and clean lines make it suitable for any living space, regardless of color choices, style, or design. It is why this sectional is so popular. (In addition to its great price!)

Rawcliffe Parchment 4-Piece sectional for larger living spaces.

When it comes to sectionals, Rawcliffe collection has the most options to accommodate a larger amount of available seating. The 4-Piece sectional features an additional two seat piece that can extend one side or the other of your seating arrangement. This allows you to take advantage of longer rooms with the same piece of versatile furniture. 

Having a longer side can also be beneficial if you like to stretch out, take naps, or if you plan to have overnight guests that may need use of the sofa as a sleeper. Of course, you can also get sectionals that have built-in fold-away sleepers, but these can be much more expensive.

Additional pieces and accessories for Rawcliffe Sectionals

If the Rawcliffe 3-piece sectional or 4-piece sectional do not provide sufficient seating, or if you have a larger space to fill, you can further expand your sectional options with additional pieces. You can customize the shape of the sectional to meet your needs with your unique room. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use an additional corner piece and at least one additional two seat extension to create a U-shaped seating arrangement that is cozy for larger gatherings and entertaining.
  2. Shift the pieces of the sectional to allow for two sides to come together to form a more stable and larger bed than just one chaise alone.
  3. Wind your furniture around key focal points while leaving an open pathway to oddly placed doors. 
  4. Place the sectional in the center of the room, away from walls, to create a more cozy conversational area.

Tastes, style, and color themes change over time, but with the adaptability of the Rawcliffe collection of sectionals, you won’t have to buy new furniture every season.

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