5 Benefits of Getting A Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fan

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Are you looking for a modern, yet old-fashioned look for your home? Whether you’re looking to do a small room upgrade or figure out a way to increase the airflow in your home, a new ceiling fan can be a farmhouse style ceiling fan really makes your room sizzle while providing the much-needed airflow you need in the summer season. While various fan designs and styles may also work well for your home, a farmhouse style fan is like getting a modern design with a unique aesthetic you won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few benefits of getting a farmhouse ceiling fan for your home today.

A Variety of Blade Sweep Sizes

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. Different blade configurations and designs, along with blade diameter can affect how a fan will function inside a particular room. Another crucial factor is the blade sweep. Blade sweep is the distance around the air circle fan blades make while they’re spinning.

A room’s size determines its blade sweep. For example, a 75 sq. ft. space will accommodate a 29 – 36″ blade sweep. Likewise, a room double that size will need something bigger, maybe in the 42′- 48″ range. As rooms become larger, so does the need for a wider blade sweep. Some rooms may need or benefit from multiple ceiling fan installations. Blade sweep sizes can get as wide as 60″ or more, but usually don’t go beyond 56″ for most farmhouse fans.

Perfect for Indoors or Outside

Farmhouse fans are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoor fans are suitable for patios, sunrooms, and garages. Each comes with a rating for outdoor use, including both damp and wet ratings. Indoor fans are ideal for providing that cool feeling and increased airflow in your home during the summer season, but they can also help distribute heat in the wintertime merely by changing the downdraft to an updraft. These fans are dry rated because they’re only used indoors. You don’t want to get them wet or damp. Conversely, outdoor fans can be damp-rated or wet-rated to be used in exterior environments. These can include (but aren’t limited to) porches, sunrooms, garages, patios, and other outdoor fixtures. But what do these ratings actually mean? Damp-rated means a fan can withstand being exposed to some moisture and humidity. They’re perfect for patios and might be useful to use indoors in a room where moisture is common—a bathroom for example. Wet-rated is for spaces where rain, snow, or other moisture-heavy storms might affect the space. You’d probably use one of these in a gazebo or other outdoor area that’s more exposed to the elements. Farmhouse-style fans can spruce up the aesthetic of any of these spaces while continuing to provide a cooling/airflow effect.

Versatile Design

Farmhouse-style ceiling fans offer the best of both worlds in traditional and modern design. Farmhouse ceiling fans combine traditional rustic designs with industrial elements. The result? They add a touch of class to any room. The blades may feature a weather design for some styles and each fan is available with various features to further complement its looks. Other farmhouse fans may be slim or sleek while others might even feature strange/quaint designs intended to evoke a pleasant response in guests. while researching farmhouse style ceiling fans, you’ll come across so many different cool designs it may take a while to decide on the right one. But once you do, you will more than likely be delighted with the results. 

Wooden Blades

Farmhouse ceiling fans feature multiple blade configurations and might be infused with some plastic to reinforce sturdiness. the blades themselves feature robust wooden construction from various woods, including: 

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Pine
  • Walnut

Some fan blades may be carved to look like other aspects of nature – such as leaves – but the result is always the same: a unique aesthetic that will fit in any modern home. 

Plenty of Options

Ceiling fans are surprisingly versatile when it comes to a number of options and accessories, they might have Available to consumers. Here is a quick breakdown of what many farmhouse ceiling fans have to offer: 

  • Lights – ceiling fan lights come in all shapes and sizes. Most ceiling fans have between one to three lights. Various shielding for the lights (glass, chandelier, shades, cages) are available depending on the type of fan.
  • Dimmable lighting – just like regular lights, but dimmable.
  • Pull chain – this is the classic method of controlling the fan. A pull chain can be pulled to switch on the fan, change speeds, and switch it off. A separate pull chain controls the lights.
  • Wall controls – wall controls are a little bit of an upgrade from the pool chain. Usually, it’ll let you turn the fan on and off as well as change speeds or control lights.
  • Remote control – enables users to control a fan as they would their television: via an RF frequency remote control. 
  • Smart control – the cutting-edge of fan control, this uses Wi-Fi and smart technology to let users control fans from their smartphones, Alexa, Google Home, and other smart devices. You can buy them with this functionality built-in or get a kit and convert one yourself. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list – ‘s many different other accessories also exist – but these are the most common you’ll find when shopping for ceiling fans. It’s best to find the options that will work best with your interior design and the needs of the room. Once you’ve decided on these essential factors, it’s just a matter of installing your fan and enjoying its benefits (hopefully) for years to come.

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