6 Famous Heart Shaped Diamonds You Need to Know About

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Believe it or not, the heart seems to have been a symbol of love and commitment since at least as far back as the most recent Ice Age. Romans used this symbol on their currency and it is even rumored that pretzels were originally designed in the shape of a heart by mediaeval monks.

This is why it should not be surprising that heart-shaped diamonds have always enjoyed a prominence. In fact, some of the most well-known stones in the world have been engineered to exhibit this immortal flavor. Let’s take a look at six famous examples as well as some of the unique qualities of each.


Lada Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Thought to be worth in excess of $400,000 dollars, this diamond weighs in a a massive 128.54 carats. Considering that Lada Gaga is known to be a trend setter, it is perfectly understandable while the American Gem Society recently featured this stone in an article touting the benefits of heart-shaped cuts. 


La Legende

If size matters, this next diamond will undoubtedly turn heads. The La Legende stone is valued at more than $15 million dollars due to a hefty weight of 92 carats. What is perhaps even more impressive is the fact that it has been rated as internally flawless. It was recently sold by Christie’s to an unknown buyer. Whether used as an investment opportunity or for an engagement ring, there is no doubt that this diamond has made the buyer quite happy. 


The Graff Venus

This is another stunning example of when diamond shapes can make all of the difference in the world. The Graff Venus weighs 118.78 carats and is said to be the largest D-flawless heart cuts in existence. It was originally removed from a stone weighing 357 carats. 


The Cullinan Diamond V

This diamond was given to Queen Mary by the South African government in 1910 and it is currently worn by Queen Elizabeth II. It was one of nine separate diamonds which were originally cut from the famous Cullinan Stone. 


The Blue Heart Diamond

This amazing diamond was unearthed in 1908 and it weighs 100.5 carats. After changing hands over the years, it was set within a necklace which featured an equally impressive pink diamond. The GIA has given this stone a grade of VS-2 (very slightly included). It is sometimes erroneously referred to as the “Heart of the Sea” stone which featured prominently in the 1997 film Titanic


The Royal Purple Heart Diamond

This stone is said to be one of the largest vivid purple diamonds in the world. It was cut into a heart shape in order to accentuate its unique undertones and while its history remains unknown, many experts believe that it was originally unearthed in Russia. 

These are six examples of why heart-shaped diamonds have always remained extremely popular choices. While most of us cannot afford such works of art, quality online diamonds will still offer up a host of stunning alternatives to behold. 

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