6 Ways To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Long-Term Relationship

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With all the news today of couples that have barely made it through a long and lasting relationship, perhaps at some point, you may have doubted your ability also to stay in one. But not all relationships are doomed to fail. There are those that have really stood the test of time, and your relationship can be one of these, too.

Once the spark of that getting to know you and honeymoon phase is over, then comes the most important part: making your relationship last. There’s never going to be a perfect relationship, as obstacles and challenges are bound to exist. But this doesn’t mean that you should let these hardships get the best of you. The strongest and lasting ones are the ones that are able to weather through the storm. There’s an abundance of sex and relationship advice, you’ve just got to learn how to choose the ones that could apply to you.

So, what exactly are the secrets to a long and lasting relationship? This article gives you some tips.

  1. Maintain Your Identity

You can’t stay happy in a relationship once you begin to lose your identity. Just because you’re in a relationship, this doesn’t mean that you should lose yourself entirely for the person you love. Otherwise, you’re going to end up resentful.

A part of a lasting relationship entails leaving space for each other to achieve your goals and dreams on your own. This means having that time for yourself to do what it is you’ve always loved to do, even before your relationship came into existence.

Those relationships that have lasted a healthy length for the long term are those that make room for individuality. In effect, this space for each other’s individual interests is what unites them as a happy couple together.

  1. Put Your Phone Down

While this may seem like an all-too-common advice, you really need to learn how to put your phone down whenever you’re with your significant other. Don’t let your phone create that barrier between the both of you, in what limited time you already spend with each other.

Surely, you don’t need to read that work-related reminder on a Friday night. Yes, your friends can wait.

You have to be in the now. This means not just being physically present, but also emotionally present as well.

Remember that very first date you had, wherein all your attention was fully on each other. Of you could do that before, there’s no reason not to do it now.

  1. Be Honest With Each Other

Honesty really goes a long way. It’s more than just about not cheating on each other. It’s also about being honest about how you feel.

Don’t expect your partner to know what’s going on in your mind. Be honest about all of your emotions, so you can learn to foster an open communication with each other. Whenever there seems to be a problem, it’s better to be truthful about it right from the get go, rather than make up a lie.

Remember that lies are going to get out eventually, and when trust is broken, this would be very difficult to mend.

  1. Create Shared Goals

Apart from creating individual goals, because you’re now a couple, you must also shared unified goals. That way, there’s something that you both work hard for and look forward to. For instance, you may both want to be more fit and healthy. Apart from keeping you both physically healthy, it actually enables you also to spend more time together as you work towards achieving these goals.

Moreover, you can also go beyond just having these fitness goals. Create life goals, as well these will give you a sense of longevity in your relationship. 

  1. Try Something New Together

Trying something new together is one way to break the monotony of a routine that your relationship may already have. It tests your ability to work together to withstand a challenge. Plus, it also enables you to do something fun and exciting. It can bring back the romance that you both may have lost to your day-to-day responsibilities.

For instance, have you never traveled as a couple, just the two of you? Why not give it a try! You’ll be surprised by how much you both can grow, appreciate and love each other more when you do. Even if you may not be avid travelers, there’s always something you can bring home out of the experience of traveling as a couple.

  1. Practice Emotional Attunement

Practicing emotional attunement means learning how to tell when your partner is sad, depressed, or anxious about anything. Remember that if you’re in it for the long run, the two of you are going to be dependent on each other. You should be present not just when the days are sunny, but also during the rainy days.

Your partner is truly going to appreciate it when they know they’ve got you to cling on to when they’re facing difficult times.


If you feel that your relationship needs a rebirth, these tips can surely help it flourish. When you’re absolutely serious about each other, don’t let your relationship succumb to the challenges of relationships today. You can still be like those couples who have truly made it ‘for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in in health, ‘til death do us part.’


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