A New Job? Here Is What You Should Consider

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A person is at work for an average of 200 hours a month and it follows from a simple calculation that about a third of our lives we spend in the workplace. Therefore it is important to choose well. The fact that work occupies a significant share of your life and that it has long since become much more than a source of livelihood, it has probably caused you to form the question from time to time and ask – am I in the right place or is it time to change jobs? The answer to this question is not always unequivocal and in order to know if it is time to resign and move on. You need to examine the situation in depth and make sure that the decision to leave is indeed due to the right motives and the right timing. This applies by the way not only to jobs, but to all areas of our personal lives, such as place of residence, academic studies, relationships and so on. The thought that you have to abandon an idea and / or a certain place and leave the comfort zone for the open and threatening space on the way to finding an alternative to the existing situation, can make most people panic, anxiety and even depression. 

A recent study shows that every employee will change their workplace at least 4 times in their life. It also shows that 25% of workers in the world are constantly looking for work. 60% indicate that they have daily thoughts about the possibility of changing jobs and only 13% of employees feel committed and loyal to their workplace, which means that everyone else is squinting aside and constantly looking for alternatives. About 25% of workers aged 20-35 have voluntarily left the workplace in the last two years, compared to 12% of adults and the most common reason for leaving was lack of professional advancement and lack of satisfaction. 

What to consider in a new job?

What type of work are you trained in? You should look at high risk work training to ensure that you have all the qualifications and safety training you need. This may also be something that your employer has looked into also, to keep the team safe. You need to be aware of what you are happy with and what you may need to have before the job starts. Certificates, insurance, additional training. All of these will determine what job you apply for.

You may also want to consider:

  • The schedules 
  • The job description 
  • The salary 
  • The team members 
  • The chance of growth 
  • The health and safety measures 

Look at the benefits that the job will bring overtime and the general growth of the company itself. If the company is growing fast, then the atmosphere will be quick paced and you are likely to grow with them. If the business is slower moving but this is what you enjoy, then be sure you have researched first. Technology is constantly evolving, therefore this is one major consideration also – does the company use older or newer technologies? Be sure to look at all aspects first.

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