Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Reception Better and More Fun

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Weddings are a beautiful ceremony bringing two lovebirds together whilst their family and friends act as witnesses…what can possibly make this magical moment more special? Well, weddings should be fun above anything else, they should be personal and perfectly portray the two people who are getting married. The all-white and clean cookie-cutter aesthetic shouldn’t be the standard, instead, people should experiment more and make their wedding more unique! So here are some amazing ideas that will make your wedding reception better and more fun! 

Start From The Venue

Before anything else, if there is something that influences the mood of the wedding it’s definitely the location of the wedding itself or the venue. It can be an advantage, or a disadvantage – especially if you are getting married in winter, there aren’t a lot of options to choose from. With that Beijing said, you don’t have to opt for the most boring and obvious setting, which is a big ol’ tent, there are so many other ways you can be both cheap and more unique! Depending on the size of the guest list, you can opt for a more out-of-the-box venue, like having a wedding in the woods or under the stars – you can make a ceiling out of fairy lights and create a beautiful, magical setting!

Have A Fun Theme

Why have a boring old wedding, when you can have a crazy, unforgettable and unique reception instead! If you and your spouse have a favorite time period or a decade, you can base your whole reception, and even dress code to suit the given theme. The roaring 1920s or the funky 1970s will give you enough room to experiment, work with a creative team and create something super unique and fun! You’ll teleport the whole reception into the desired decade – the guests won’t stop talking about that experience, and it will also be extremely personal for you and your spouse at the end of the day!

Personalize It

If you want to truly make your wedding more special and fun, but don’t want to go overboard with the craziness, you can personalize the venue subtly! Instead of plastering your photos all over the venue, you can drop small hints and details that remind you of your love story and memories that are behind you! From small drawings on the walls, quotes, and inner jokes between you and your partner to sculptures on tables that have some kind of story behind them, it’s a good conversation starter, and it’s also super cute and personal for the bride and groom! 

Ditch The Electronics

If you want to make your wedding a lot of fun, both for you and your guest, why not ditch the electronics for the night? No mobile phones are allowed in the venue! The same goes with music, you can only have live music, there are so many great bands you can hire, even to play some of the biggest hits, David Victor Presents the all-new Queen tribute band that can totally wow your guests! This idea goes hand in hand if you want to create a themed party, especially if you emphasized no technology! 

Ditch The Traditional Attire

The best way you can switch up your wedding and truly do something different is to totally ditch the traditional attire! Depending on how far you want to push it, the least you can do is create a fun theme with bridesmaids and make the dress code more unique for everyone! The all-white dress and a black tux is a no-go anymore, you have all the freedom of this world to go crazy with the outfits, you can make a met gala out of your wedding, with a literal red carpet and fake paparazzi in the midst of it! 

DIY Goodies

Adding a fun activity to your wedding is always a good idea, especially if you want to have something fun for guests who don’t want to drink and dance the night away! Adding a DIY corner to your venue is a quick and easy, yet personalized activity where your guests can make things for you! You can even apply this to every table and make it mandatory for all your guests to make something small and meaningful, so it’s a win-win, you get a memorable gift whilst the guests get to partake in a fun hobby! 

Put Food In The Spotlight

Food is always the center of attention, even if you didn’t intend to make it – guests will always eagerly wait for food to be served! So why not have the food purposely be the center of attention instead? Depending on what kind of food do you like and the number of people that will be at the wedding, you can have master chefs make food right on the spot, in front of everyone! A less extreme version of this can be obtaining a food truck and having it in the background, so people can go and eat from there all night long! 

The More Artistic The Better

Art is always entertaining, regardless if you draw something yourself or watch someone else do it! Having a photographer at a wedding is a must and a regular thing, but what if you had a professional artist that will illustrate random scenes from your wedding on the spot? This will be both entertaining to watch and a good thing to have afterward!  You can even have a corner where the artist would draw portraits of guests who want a specific thing drawn, or just have the artist draw whatever moments he deems interesting at the wedding – it will certainly be creative and unique no less! 

Weddings are hard to plan, it takes a lot of energy and time to get the most basic things, let alone the details – but the details are what truly make or break the whole experience! From decor and dress code to the venue itself, all these things play a major role in making your wedding more fun and exciting. When celebrating such an amazing thing as marriage you want to make the ceremony personal and plan it from the heart! So don’t be shy and try to think outside the box, you won’t regret it!

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