Can You Ride a Beach Cruiser on the Sand?

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An electric beach cruiser sounds like the perfect way to cruise right alongside the water. Riding a bicycle on the sand may sound like a great idea, but it isn’t recommended with a beach cruiser. Find out why and how to get the most out of your beach riding experience today. Take on new challenges and find the best bicycle for your next adventure.

Why You Shouldn’t Ride a Beach Cruiser on the Sand

Despite their name, beach cruisers aren’t designed to ride on the sand. Most have tires that are just above 2 inches, make them too thin for extremely soft ground. Dry sand will shift and create a challenging, uncomfortable ride for your cruiser.

You may be able to ride your bike on wet, compacted sand. These areas won’t be as comfortable as dirt trails or paved roads, but can support a beach cruiser or other bicycle. It may not be as comfortable as the boardwalk, but it’s a possibility if a sandy bike ride is on your bucket list.

How To Ride on the Sand

Desperate to make tracks on sandy soil with your bike? Try a fat tire bicycle for the traction you need. This popular style of cycle has extra-wide tires to provide more traction in a range of soil types.

Be prepared for a workout. A fat tire bike may keep you moving forward on two wheels, but a sandy ride isn’t going to feel as smooth and easy as a boardwalk ride. It’s one way to get a workout, but may not be the most comfortable way to spend your weekend or head to work.

Even a fat tire shouldn’t ride too close to the water or on a hilly beach. Your two-wheeled ride isn’t going to help you climb sand dunes any time soon, so consider other trails to get the most out of your commute or weekend cycling trip.

Where To Ride Your Beach Cruiser

Once you leave the sandy soil for a more appropriate trail system, you’ll soon fall in love with your beach cruiser. This comfortable design has a rugged frame, convenient handlebars and a design that promotes leisurely rides along the boardwalk or bike lane of your favorite city.

A men’s or women’s electric beach cruiser offers all the comfort of a standard cruiser with a boost of speed. Go from a leisurely ride to a bike that belongs in the commuter lane. Choose between a 250 and 500-watt motor to power your cycle to work or unexplored areas of your community.

Both electric and standard beach cruisers are at home on pavement and unpaved trails with slight hills. Any reasonably compacted soil, boardwalk or city street can be a great place to see what your cruiser is capable of.

Where To Order Your New Favorite Bike

Don’t let sand hold back your beach cruiser. Check out highly rated fat tire bicycles and electric bikes today for your new favorite bicycle. See how different designs offer different features and select one that fits your body type and riding style.

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