Dating Requires Practice & Confidence

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When you’ve built your life with a partner for a long time, it can be devastating to end things. Of course, breaking up is never fun. But for most people, breaking up is nothing compared to approaching the dating scene after many years of inactivity. You feel cold sweat running down your neck. Dating? You haven’t done it in so long that you’re not sure you’ll have the confidence to meet new people. Indeed, dating is an exercise of self-confidence that can only improve with practice. If you’re going to put yourself out there to meet someone new, the first thing you’ll have to do is to get comfortable with dating again. There is no room for awkwardness, shyness, and self-doubt when you date. You need to build up your dating confidence to enjoy the process. 

What do you want people to know about you?

In many ways, dating can be similar to approaching the employment market. You need to promote yourself via a memorable and realistic profile. Just like you know you shouldn’t display your professional profile on every platform; you should also be selective when it comes to dating. Dating websites vary greatly, so it’s a good idea to consider your intentions and preferences when choosing the right network. The choice of the platform already says a lot about you as an individual. Then, the level of information you put on your profile will also help people know and understand you. Leaving your profile blank isn’t ideal. But you also don’t want them to read a full breakdown of your past relationship. It’s about showing them who you are, as honestly and realistically as possible. 

Getting comfortable chatting with strangers

Talking to strangers is hard. But it’s the only way to get onto the dating scene. However, you can gradually get comfortable with casual chats with practice. It might sound silly, but social media platforms such as Twitter or Reddit enable you to reach out to strangers and build a connection. It’s a fantastic way of learning to express yourself casually and respectfully while expressing your views, for instance. And let’s be honest, even being flirtatious can be tricky after a long-term relationship. But, perhaps, you can get to practice your old chat lines by reaching out to a flirt-friendly zone, such as rekindling your Latin vibes with fun Latino phone talking with other Spanish-speaking adults. Not your thing? Sometimes paying a compliment is a great ice-breaker too. It’s something you can practice every day. It doesn’t cost much to say something nice to the barista at your local coffee shop. 

Not trying too hard

Relationships end for a variety of reasons, but more often than not, it’s because you and your partner were not on the same wavelength anymore. It is not an indication of how worthy of love you might be. Therefore, you have to accept that not being the right person for your ex doesn’t mean you can’t be right for someone else. Nobody is expecting you to be perfect. You do not need to prove your worthiness or impress someone else. Seeking an impossible perfection is counterproductive and puts unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

Hitting the dating scene can be daunting. But it’s all a matter of practice and perspective. Feeling confident in your skin and your interactions with others will instantly make you more appealing. Thankfully, self-confidence is something you can build up as you become familiar with dating. In short, enjoy yourself, and others will enjoy your company. 


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