Determining The Reality Of The Moldavite Crystal – Is It’s History A Myth?

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Moldavite, a stone of Bohemian descent most commonly known as “The Stone of Transformation” has a rich history that just can’t be undermined. Many people stick to the popular theory that the Moldavite crystal was formed from a meteorite that crashed from orbit to Earth over 14 millions years ago. Since the meteorite supposedly crashed in an area which is now known as “Czech Republic”, the Bohemian plateau to be more specific. The pieces were scattered all over the land, and are still being found randomly by miners in the area. The impact of the meteor allegedly passed completely through the Earth’s core, an impact of six trillion megatons isn’t one to be undermined is it?

History Of Moldavite’s Usage

Going back to 25,000 B.C., the Neolithic people of Eastern Europe were the first ever to start using the Moldavite crystal. It was a popular choice for people who made amulets that provided good fortune for the locals. Known commonly as the “amulet of fertility”, Moldavite amulets were used for specific purposes before they were discovered by arrowheads. 

When one of the most famous rocks in the world, the “Venus of Willendorf ” was found in 1908, Moldavite amulets and other cutting tools were found as well. Despite being over 30,000 years old, the Venus of Willendorf wasn’t given much attention since many people thought the Moldavite stone was the same one used on the Holy Grail. Believed to be Emerald, the importance of Moldavite stone quickly rose as people believed that the holy grail could heal people while also fully replenishing health. 

Moldavite Crystal’s Unexplained Properties

Moldavite, being very similar to Emeralds in terms of different characteristics, is known to be just as sought after as it’s “rival”. After research was done on the stone, it was found that it had high frequencies flowing through it that weren’t seen before. After this conclusion was released to the public, many spiritual people thought of the crystal as one that radiates energy that can give someone powers. Upon first touch, many people feel the stone giving off warmth that is now popularly known as “Moldavite Flush”. 

The warmth also causes vibrations to flow through the body, which can immerse Moldavite wearers a tingly sensation. While some may be in favor of this sensation, others definitely disapprove and can’t keep the stone close to them for long. 

This is the reason why if you go on the search for a legitimate Moldavite necklace or a bracelet, you’ll find the stone made from a combination of other stones which stops the original stone from being too strong. If you get the original one, it won’t take long before you’re used to the overwhelming sensation it provides. 

It Helps Build Relationships

Moldavite is a heart gemstone that goes well with the heart chakra, which is why Moldavite necklaces are more than just a huge “trend”. It is believed that people have more love to offer when they wear the stone, and this keeps them happy most of the time. If you’ve heard that every human has a “third eye”, you’ll be surprised how the Moldavite stone helps the third eye with creating new visions, ideas and simply opening the mind to new ventures. 

It’s popularly believed that these crystals have more benefits than one could even think of. These benefits can only be availed by those who get these crystals from legitimate markets. So get one now and check out the significant effect it has on your life.


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