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How To Get Your Home Sale Ready

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By spending some time now getting your home ready to sell you will reap the reward of being able to sell faster and receive a higher sale price. A well presented house for sale makes the difference between it being listed for ages and a need to reduce the price, versus a quick sale for near or full asking. To get your house to sell quickly it needs to be presented well or better than competing properties, marketed at a competitive price, and listed with a reputable real estate agent. 

To make your home appealing to the masses, you don’t need to complete a full makeover, but to invest a little time and effort. Think of your house now as an item to be sold and not 4 walls that housed years of memories. Here a few tips to help with this:

Complete A Deep Clean

Ensure that it is cleaned from top to bottom and inside and out. A clean house always looks better than one that is dirty. After completing this try your best to keep it clean and tidy up until that point of selling. Doing a deep clean like this will be the most time consuming and largest chore attached to selling your house but doing it well will make your house stand out above the rest. With that in mind don’t forget your carpets and curtains, if they need a professional clean it is money well spent. 


By clearing the clutter your house will instantly look bigger and airier. Think of how a potential buyer will be viewing your home, buyers like to see tidy well organized space they could live in. Also, see the positive, but doing a de-clutter now you are taking that first essential step to prepare you for your move into your new dream home. So box up the nicknacks, throw away or donate your unwanted items and keep the counters clear.

Fix Anything Broken

It is so important that you finish off any started DIY jobs and fix anything broken. Buyers will automatically reduce the price they offer for a house the more time, effort, and cost they have to put in to fix and bring the house up to standard. By doing this now, you are automatically reducing the reasons they have to start negotiations to bring the asking price down. 

Curb Appeal Counts

No matter how immaculate the inside is, a potential buyer has already started judging and forming an opinion on your property from the second they see the exterior. Remember first impressions count. Keep on top of keeping the exterior tidy, freshen up the paint on any doors and fences, and when completing your deep clean remember that includes those external windows and doors. 


Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in this home. This is not possible when a house is filled with personal items such as family photos, or children’s drawings. You need to remove those items so buyers no longer view the property as a house but as their future home.

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