How to live an authentic Italian lifestyle

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Italy is adored across the world for its ancient history and culture, stunning environments and glamorous style. Its people are known for being passionate about almost everything – but especially traditional cooking. In short, there are a wealth of reasons why you might want to emulate an Italian lifestyle.    

This relatively small country ranks fifth in the world for the number of international tourists it attracts in normal times, with many likely taking Italian influences home with them. So how can you make changes to take on this nation’s best qualities?

Below we cover the four key areas to focus on if you dream of living life like the Italians do.   

The style 

From fashion to interior design and transport, Italians are known for their craftmanship and attention to detail. Take a luxury shopping trip and notice just how many of the world’s most famous fashion houses reign from here, including Versace, Armani and Prada. 

And if your budget can stretch to a supercar, there are still few more exhilarating experiences than getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Look for a classic red model if you want to be as authentic as possible!

The lifestyle

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to take a trip to Italy, you might have noticed they do a few things differently. Pride is key here – Italians have a deep appreciation for beauty, local culture and socializing. 

Their love for splendor can be seen in Italy’s famous Renaissance churches and marbled squares. Italians will also fiercely defend their hometowns – while taking any opportunity they can to relax with friends. Simply meeting up for coffee or after-work drinks is one way to follow this trend.

The food 

Sometimes the simple things in life are best. Italian food is built on an ethos of quality ingredients cooked well – so well in fact that a 2019 survey found Italian cuisine to be the world’s most popular cuisine. Unsurprisingly, pizza and pasta were the favorite dishes. 

Want to learn more about the classics? If you can’t go on a fully-fledged tour of the country, visit as many authentic Italian restaurants as you can and work your way through the menu. Rolling your own pasta or pizza dough at home is another fun challenge. 

The passion

Italians are known for being a fiery bunch – and one of the things they care about most is family. Many Italian families are tight-knit multi-generational groups that come together to catch-up as much and as often as they can.

This means they also tend to live closer together than many British families do. See if you can motivate your loved ones to meet up more often, whether it’s for quick catchups or extended quality time. 

Italians have got things right in lots of respects. Could any of these tips enhance your everyday lifestyle? 

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