How To Pick Yourself Up From A Productivity Slump

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Whether you are working from home or have recently returned to the office, it can sometimes be hard to get onto a productive streak. As a result, you may find yourself falling behind on deadlines or struggling to remain motivated at work – which could lead to trouble further down the line. However, while dips in productivity are perfectly normal, it’s important that you also know how to pick yourself up and hit the ground running once again! Here are some great tips to get yourself started! 


  •  Write yourself a to-do list each morning. Sometimes, we feel unproductive as we are working without real direction or guidance. We know when our deadlines are, but as we are managing so many at once, it can be hard to decide which project to work on and when. As a result, you may find yourself bouncing from task to task without really putting enough energy into any of them. Putting together a to-do list can help you use your time wisely and ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves. 



  • Start the day with your most challenging tasks. Studies suggest that we are often more productive in the morning, likely because we tend to have more energy (or have at least had a cup of coffee to get us started). As a result, one way in which you can begin to boost your productivity even further is by tackling your most complex tasks or challenges first thing in the morning, as opposed to putting them off until later in the day. The more you push back a project, the less motivated you will feel to work on it. 




  • Find inspiration that works for you. Inspiration and motivation often go hand in hand, so it is important that you find ways to keep yourself motivated when working. For example, some people feel more inspired to work when they have a clear incentive or challenge presented to them. Others prefer to seek inspiration elsewhere – by displaying positive or affirming quotes in their office or workspace. This means that whenever you glance up from your desk, you’ll find inspiration looking right at you. You can find examples of inspirational lil peep quotes and lyrics that you could display in your workplace here. Alternatively, you could use the quotes to create a background for your phone – so that it’s one of the first things you see each morning. 




  • Get outside during your breaks. Whenever you have a break during work – be that during your lunch hour or quick five-minute rest in between meetings, try to spend it outside wherever possible. This can help you escape the claustrophobic office environment for a few minutes while also giving you a much-needed boost of energy. It can also have a positive effect on your overall mood. You don’t need to be outside long – just take a quick stroll around the block to clear your mind and prepare you for whatever lies ahead. 




  • Ask for help. We often feel reluctant to ask for help at work as we do not want to be perceived as incapable. However, asking for help is not a sign of weakness – but instead shows a willingness to learn and get better. It could also just be a sign that you are being overworked and need to have your workload reduced slightly so that you can continue to work to the best of your ability. Either way, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help should you need it. 




  • Remember that work stops when you clock out. It’s all too easy to bring work ‘home’ with you from time to time or to continue thinking about a specific project late into the night. However, you must find a way to unplug at night and give yourself some time to rest and recover. Continuing to work beyond your hours means that you are stretching yourself too thin – and could lead to heightened stress and anxiety. While increasing your hours may create the illusion of you being more productive, it actually means that you are not spending your time wisely and could impact your productivity in the long run. 




  • Keep your workspace tidy. If your office space or desk is disorganized, it often means your day will be disorganized too. After all, it means it could take you several minutes to find the papers or documents you are looking for. As a result, you can boost productivity by decluttering and keeping your workspace clean and tidy. 




  • Focus on getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep is also a clear killer of productivity, as it hampers your ability to focus and can leave you feeling unmotivated. As a result, you must find ways to get a better night’s sleep. This could include developing a nighttime routine that helps you relax and unwind. Getting into bed at the same time each evening (or as close as possible) can help teach your mind and body that it’s time to go to sleep. 




  • Set yourself some goals. Sometimes, a lack of productivity is actually the product of a lack of challenges or goals. If you feel unappreciated at work or as though the tasks are unimportant, it can be hard to summon up the energy to actually get the job done. Asa result, it’s important that you set yourself some goals to achieve each day – no matter how big or small they may seem. For example, if you currently have a huge chunk of paperwork sitting on your desk – your goal for the week could be to reduce the paperwork by half. If poor motivation continues to be an issue, you could also ask your boss or superiors to provide you with more challenging tasks or specific goals that you can work towards. For example, if you wish to be offered a promotion in the future – you should ask them exactly what you need to do to be given a new position. Having a clear goal in mind is a great way to remain productive. 



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