How To Save Money on Food, Transportation & Accommodation While Traveling – Smartly!

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When you think of traveling to a different city, either for work or leisure, three main concerns pop up in your mind:

  • How to save on transportation?
  • How to save money on food and,
  • How to save money on accommodation?

We get you. It is easy to overpay when traveling to a different city. However, with a few smart decisions, you can save a considerable amount of cash. 

Don’t know how? Read this article till the end. 

Tip 1: Save Money on Transportation

Using public transportation in cities that you visit is the most co-efficient way to travel and at the same time interact with the locals. Here are some tips that can help you easily navigate your way in a city using public transportation:

Ask Your Hostel About Directions

Many expert travelers do this a lot. They ask the hostel receptionist about the bus numbers that pass through the nearest road. They also ask which bus to take on my way back.

Make sure you follow social distancing norms while taking public transportation. 

Carry Loose Change 

In some cities, buses always ask for the exact amount. To avoid the hassle of waiting for your change or forgetting to get it back from the driver, bring loose bills/coins and pay the exact amount instead.

Be Careful with Your Personal Belongings 

Most public transportation systems are crowded, especially during rush hour. Be sure that you’re aware of your surroundings to avoid getting pick-pocketed. Stash your money in different pockets or wear a money belt to hide your credit cards and atm.

Be Clear With The Prices

If you’ll be opting to take a taxi or private rickshaws, make sure to agree with the price beforehand. It’s more expensive than other modes of public transportation, but it’s more convenient. You could also share the cab with fellow travelers so you could split the cost.

Tip 2: Save Money on Food

Food sometimes eats a huge chunk of our budget, especially if you frequently go to restaurants or eat at fast-food joints. There are ways on how to eat tasty and healthy food without busting your budget. Here are some easy steps of doing the same: 

Eat Local Food

Local foods are cheap, tasty, and give you a perspective about the culture of the place that you go to. If you go where the locals usually eat, then chances are you wouldn’t pay a lot of money for your meals.

Buy Fruits from the Market 

Buying directly from the market is the cheapest way to eat cheaply. Eating fruits every day will help you supplement your body’s daily vitamins and nutrients needs.

Eat at the Local Markets 

Local markets and supermarkets don’t only sell raw foods but also cooked foods. Go to their cooked food section, and you’ll find a lot of delicious options that will surely fit your budget.

Cut Down on Oil 

Some cuisines are heavily loaded with oil. Choose dishes that are cooked with less oil or at least cooked in healthier oils such as Canola.

Opt for Juices Instead of Softdrinks

Drinking plenty of water during your travels will help keep yourself well-hydrated. Drinking water is also healthier and cheaper than drinking soft drinks.

Tip 3: Save Money on Accommodation

The place where you stay may also determine how costly your trip will be. With some smart tips, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next trip. Here is how:

Check Transportation

What’s the preferable place to stay in a city? It’s center, obviously!

However, it can also be costly. That is why we recommend selecting a hotel that is near bus stations or a metro station. So, you will have to adjust around 20 minutes of your time to get into the main city while saving hundreds of bucks. 

Check The Accommodation For Covid Compliance

Traveling and Accommodation aren’t like earlier times because of the pandemic. Make sure the Accommodation you select follows all the Covid protocols and is reliable. 

So, if you’re traveling to St. Louis (say), we’d advise searching for short term rentals st Louis on Google, reading the reviews, and then finalizing any accommodation. 

Final Word

Yes, the world is hit by the pandemic, but traveling is possible. Following the above tips will help you save hundreds of bucks on your next trip. 

However, the most important change when you travel this time will be the Covid protocols. Make sure you wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing. 

Happy traveling!


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