How To Take Action Regarding A Sexual Harassment Complaint And/Or Offender Within The Company

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One can only imagine the kind of fear and violation a person goes through when sexually harassed. When this transpires within the confines of your company, it is but right to step in and aid the victim, and do what is right and legally accepted against the offender. 

But it is easier said than done. In such a delicate case as this, you will need the aid of the most trusted sexual harrassment laywers kansas city has to offer. Here are a few basic modes of action you can enact as you work with your legal advisors to resolve the case. 

How To Handle A Sexual Harassment Complaint (Employer Perspective)

Go Over The Company’s Policies And/Or Rules

This is not a step to take after a complaint has been made. Count it as a step before, that you, the employer, perform and accomplish the responsibility of making certain that the company rules are transparent regarding this violation. How sexual harassment of any form shall not be tolerated and that serious consequences will be brought upon offenders. 

Here is where a sexual harassment attorney can be of great help. Human Resources is simply not equipped to draft legal policies within and for the company. Let your legal counsellors be in charge of letting statements regarding sexual harassment and other related offensive and criminal actions, what they entail, and what the company will carry out legal countermeasures to protect the victim and the company, and bring the perpetrator to justice. 

Avenues For Complaints To Formal Charges 

Numerous incidences have shown us that one of the reasons victims of sexual harassment in the workplace have difficulty submitting their complaints to the management or direct supervisors is because of the lack of avenues for it. 

As an employer, ask your lawyer to check the company’s policies and revise and/or add to them, for them to be action-oriented rather than passive, in light of these events. There is no room for vagueness with matters that are offensive, inappropriate, and violative in nature (whether physically, through gestures, photographs, videos, comments and remarks, etc.).

Listen, Document, And Record 

These three variables are so much more important than many employers think. Employers commit the error of believing these abhorrent situations should be handled entirely by legal professionals. This is partly true. But remember that the first persons your employee will have to relay this problem to includes you, the company’s leadership representative/s. 

Do not tarry is setting up an appointment to hear the victim’s recounting of the event/s. Urgently meet with the worker. At the same time, seek legal counsel regarding how the meeting should be conducted. 

It is advisable to conduct the meeting closed-doors, and perhaps not one-on-one. This is for purposes of having one or two other witnesses (i.e. HR and/or company psychologist, a direct manager of the employee, etc.) along with trusted personnel who can document what will be discussed therein. Additionally, a one-on-one meeting may render the affected employee uncomfortable, especially after the incident has taken place. Unless the victim specifically requests the audience of coworkers they trust, be very keen on whom to include in the meeting. 

Assurance And Action 

Assure the employee that the company will do what it can to take proper legal action against the offender. Assure the same that the company will also make greater efforts in putting into place measure of safety for him or for her, from here on. Let this be a commitment that the company will prioritize the safety of the rest of the employees, moving forward. 

Keep the worker updated about the status of the proceedings. Try to implement steps wherein interaction between the offender and the victim will be cut off within the company (i.e. meetings), and until legal advice has been given regarding how to deal with this sexual harassment case within the workplace.

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