Natural Remedies For Stronger Teeth

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Strong and healthy teeth are crucial to your health. It is so important to take good care of them, attend regular dentist appointments, and eliminate bad diet choices that can harm your teeth. Although you might take amazing care of them, there can be instances where they become weak due to a buildup of plaque or lack of enamel. To go the extra mile and increase the strength of your teeth, here are some natural remedies. 

Coconut oil 

At-home teeth whitening is extremely popular nowadays. There are hundreds of brands on the market that are trying to sell the same product. They can be expensive and not ideal if you want to maintain healthier, stronger, and whiter teeth. Thus, home remedies like coconut oil are ideal Coconut oil is fairly inexpensive and a pot can last a long time if you are using it solely for your teeth. It can be used for other things too such as hair masks and cooking. 

Coconut oil attacks the nasty bacteria’s in your mouth. This can prevent the build-up of plaque that naturally occurs as well as preventing tooth decay. When in liquid form, coconut oil can be swished around the mouth for up to 30 minutes to pull oil and bacteria from the teeth, which results in brighter and whiter teeth. 


Taking good care of your teeth is not about just brushing twice a day. Flossing is essential to and should be done with every brush, or after every meal for the best results. Floss removes the remaining dirt and food from the teeth, which can cause decay if left behind. 

Flossing regularly can help get rid of plaque and also prevent gum disease. Less plaque and bacteria are also great for preventing bad breath. 

Drink more water

For good oral hygiene and stronger teeth, drinking more water can help. A dry mouth can cause tooth decay. Water is great for washing away food and bacteria. To attain the best results, instead of swallowing straight away, hold it in the mouth for a few seconds. This is especially useful if you have just eaten. 

Enjoy green and black tea

You might drink a lot of coffee, which can be in high sugar or the caffeine can stain the teeth. Swap this for green and black teas. Both contain polyphenols, which are useful for reducing bad bacteria’s in the mouth. Getting rid of bacteria can protect your teeth and gums and also get rid of staining. 


If you think of mouthwashes and toothpaste, you will likely think of their minty flavor. There is a reason for that. Peppermint is a natural antiseptic that can fight off germs and bacteria. This can strengthen teeth, keep gums healthy, and prevent bad breath. You can consume peppermint in teas or in your foods. 

Turmeric and black pepper

This combination may sound odd, but it can do wonders for the strength of your teeth. By mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of black pepper with some water, you can massage it into the gums before brushing. The anti-inflammatory effects will alleviate pain and swelling, and also strengthen your teeth.

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