Ways to Make Your New Shelby GT Stand Out

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Are you wishing your car got more attention? People might glance your way now when you drive by. Yet if you really want to capture their curiosity, you have to make your car stand out.

If you have a new Shelby GT500 or even an older model, there are some ways to make it unique. Check out the tips below to catch the eye of bystanders or impress your passengers.

Buy a Bright Color

The original 2007 Shelby GTs were only made in black and white. If you’re driving Shelby GTs and you want yours to stand out, then you need to buy a unique color model. In 2008, there were three new colors: black with red stripes, Vista Blue, or the ultra-exclusive Grabber Orange.

Grabber Orange was only sold in California, and only about 200 models were made. If you really want your vehicle to stand out in the carpark, buy one of these limited edition models that are so rare.

The newest 2021 models also come in Grabber Yellow, Carbonized Gray Metallic, and Antimatter Blue.

Mod the Interior of Your New Shelby GT

Even the latest Ford Mustang with new Shelby features still has a fairly basic interior. With stand-out contrasting stitching and a bit of carbon fiber, the rest of the interior isn’t anything special.

If you want to spend some time updating your Shelby interior, why not add some LED lights around the console or under-dash lighting. You can also dress up the seats.

Why not replace your pedals with racing pedals? This will surely help your car stand out, especially for your passengers that love racing.

Order Vintage Parts

When you’re performing regular Shelby maintenance, why not add a nod to the past with some vintage additions? Most of these are available for models 2005 and newer, so you can customize your ride.

Old Shelby models had unique features, like the ’67, which had inboard headlights. You can order these for your own car as a tribute to the vintage model. The same is true for emblems or trim, or just about any part whose heritage you really want to capture.

Choose Upgrades

If you’re really thinking of updating your Shelby, why not order an available upgrade package?

Order carbon fiber parts painted to match your vehicle, from the spoiler to the rockers and the hood. Add window tint and leather seats, both custom orders.

While performance parts aren’t something people will see, they still notice it when they ride with you. You can upgrade using available packages or talk to someone who can help you with custom 2021 Ford GT500 parts instead.

Custom Cars

Whether you’re improving a new Shelby GT or performing a modification on a vintage model, getting some attention with your car is easy. Follow the tips above to change it up and make it unique to garner the attention you deserve.

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