Why Too Many Late Nights Can Be Bad For Your Health

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We can all be guilty of the occasional late nighter, be that because of a Netflix binge or a gathering with our friends. But too many late nights can be detrimental for us, not least because of the effects it can have on our health. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital, and here are some of the reasons why.

#1: A lack of sleep can weaken the immune system

As discussed by the Sleep Foundation, a lack of sleep can affect the robustness of the immune system. This can impair our body’s ability to fight off infections and illness, and so we are more likely to get sick on a too-regular basis. The immune system needs to be strong enough to fight any internal threat, so to ensure it has a chance to operate correctly, be sure to get your recommended 7-8 hours of shut-eye.

#2: Your skin will suffer if you skimp on sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect the moisture levels in the skin, and it can lead to a reduction in collagen production too. What does this mean for you? Dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne breakouts, and other issues that will affect your appearance. While some of these problems are aesthetic, there is the risk of other issues, such as eczema if you persistently suffer from dry skin. 

#3: A lack of sleep can cause you to become more accident-prone

Your cognitive ability can be impaired if you are sleep deprived and not only will this make you more forgetful, but it can affect your reaction time too. If you have ever dropped a bowl on the floor when making breakfast or bumped into something when traversing your house, it might be because you haven’t had your quota of sleep. Bigger issues will arise if you’re using your car for work as you might have an accident on the road. And if you’re involved in any task that poses health and safety risks, you could be increasing your chances of a nasty accident if you’re overly tired. 

#4: You can suffer from weight-related issues if you don’t get enough sleep

It’s bad news if you’re trying to lose weight, as a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. This is partly because you might make bad decisions when you’re overtired, such as opting for an extra piece of cake instead of something healthier. And it’s also because too little sleep can lead to a cortisol spike, and this can cause your body to hang on to fat. Should a lack of sleep cause you to become overweight, this can lead to a number of health issues. Your risk of diabetes can increase, you have a bigger chance of developing coronary heart disease, and it can increase the risk of these other health conditions and diseases

And so…

Put down your remote control, tell your friends to go home, and shut down your laptop. A good night’s sleep is needed for the sake of your health, so curb your temptation to stay up late, and hit the pillow at a decent time. You will benefit in all kinds of ways if you do, above and beyond the reduction of the problems we have discussed here. 


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