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3 of the Biggest Trends in Men’s Fashion for 2021

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Men’s fashion is a growing space that has been getting a lot more popular lately. More and more men are interested in fashion and ensuring that they always look their best.

Many people use online resources like The Trending Man to learn more about the different options and what might look good on them. While there are many amazing style and clothing choices one can choose from, some eventually become popular enough to become trends.

These trends can dictate what is popular in a particular season, and can help identify what a lot of people will be wearing. With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the biggest trends in men’s fashion today.

Bermuda Shorts

There are many different kinds of men’s shorts, and they are incredibly popular during the warmer months. Over the past several years, it seems as if short shorts were the only stylish option for men to wear. While these still look great, longer bermuda shorts are once again in style. In addition to being longer, these shorts are often wider, which can make them a little more comfortable and cool. 

While they are longer, it is still crucial to get the length and sizing right. They should sit just above the knee in most cases. Shorts that are longer than the knee are not a popular look. Bermuda shorts can come in many different colors and styles, so it is easy for people to make a statement with these shorts.

More Relaxed Fits

The growing popularity of bermuda shorts isn’t the only more “relaxed” fit that is getting more attention. Relaxed fits in general are one of the biggest trends in the space at the moment. For example, pants that are a little looser (at least in the upper leg), suits that aren’t so form fitting and clothing that is more wide than slim.

This is seen as a bit of a resurgence of the flowy and relaxed styles of the 80s and 90s. It is all about comfort and keeping yourself from being too constricted with your clothing.

While these more relaxed fits are certainly in style right now, it is still important that they are sized correctly. There is a difference between wearing something that is relaxed, and something that is too big. Tailoring is still a good idea, but you can now allow yourself some wiggle room and still have the look be on trend.

Color Is King

Another major trend in the space is to make a statement with at least one article of clothing. It could be a bright pair of shorts, a creative shirt or anything in between. A big part of making a statement and being creative comes down to color. Adding a bit of color to your outfit can take it a long way and help you stand out and look great.

Of course, while color is great and it should be incorporated into almost any outfit, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Some people will wear too many different colors and it can end up clashing poorly, as opposed to looking good. If you want to know which colors will generally work with one another, checking out a color wheel is a good idea. It can help you also identify which color combinations should be avoided.

Trends That Are Shaping the Industry

While there are dozens of trends taking place in men’s fashion, these three are currently at the top. Bermuda shorts, relaxed fits and colorful clothing or accessories will certainly see a lot of love in 2021 and beyond.

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