5 Exciting Things You Don’t Know About Hard Wax Beads

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If you went to a waxing appointment once, you may have seen hard waxing beads around your waxing technician. The colorful hard wax beads are used with the wax warmer to rip off hair. Do you have any idea about these depilatory wax beads? 

There are a lot more exciting things about the fantastic type of wax beads than you ever thought. However, today we are gonna discover the 5 wondering things you don’t know about hard wax beads. Let’s discover the truth: 

5 Things You Don’t Know About Hard Wax Beads: 

This article is about the benefits of hard wax beads and why buy this. The 5 wondering things are- 


  • Pine Tree Resins Are Used To Make Hard Wax Beads:


Rosin is one of the most crucial ingredients used to make hard wax beads. It is a translucent amber substance that is found in pine tree resins as well as coniferous plants. Due to the solid nature of rosin, the waxing beads get the consistency of rosin when dissolved in water. 

Rosin or the base ingredient of wax beads is also called colophony or glyceryl rosinate. But the problem is natural pine tree rosins have allergic reactions to some sensitive people. No matter, you have the option of using synthetic rosins that perfectly suit allergic skins. Most waxing technicians used to use synthetic rosins with waxes with this in mind of allergens. 


  • Hard Wax Beads Are So Elastic Due To The Copolymer Compounds:


The copolymer is the second base ingredient used to make hard wax. Hard waxing beads are made with a mixture of EVA copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. These two ingredients make wax beads so elastic. They allow the hard wax beads to stick to the hair and get flexible. 

That’s why hair becomes smooth and can be ripped off easily. Waxing technicians get profited because they can use cheap waxing beads instead of costly muslin strips. Hard wax beads are more helpful to prevent wax from getting brittle and cracked after drying. It keeps wax pliable and helps to rip off hair easily. 


  • Hard Wax Beads Are Highly Rich In Natural Ingredients:


Hard wax beads are enriched with so many natural ingredients including aloe vera, azulene, 

chocolate, cotton oil, shea butter, caviar, chamomile, argan oil, champagne, strawberries, 

karite, lotus flower extract, and activated charcoal. The natural ingredients have soothing, moisturizing, hydrating, emollient, brightening, 

antioxidant, and growth-inhibiting properties. 

Most technicians use vitamin A and E with the waxing beads to increase the nourishing properties. Plus, hard waxing beads provide additional fragrance and impressive colors, and 

nacree pigments making them more eye-dashing. 


  • Hard Wax Beads Are Not Only Available In Beads But Also In Different Varieties: 


Waxing beads kit comes in different varieties like pellets, pearls, disks, and even bricks. The different structure promotes the melting process as well as makes them easy to use. 


  • Hard Waxing Beads Are Ideal For Any Body Part: 


Hard wax beads are favorable to any part of the body. They are gonna provide significant outcomes in both facial and body waxing. p. Hard waxing beads give effective results not only in smaller body parts (face) but also in larger body parts (legs, arms, back, etc.). Luckily you are getting all over waxing services through these waxing beads. 

Final Thoughts: 

Are you thinking of using hard wax beads? Do you know their benefits? Come on with us and read the post thoroughly. I hope you are going to learn a lot more things than you think. We rounded up 5 exciting things you don’t know about hard wax beads in this article. Let’s utilize this workable and mess-free treatment. 

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