A Guide to Find the Best Leather Straps for Your Saddlery Needs

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Only a horse rider can understand the importance of a good-quality saddle. A saddle contributes to your overall horse riding experience. You can find a quality saddle for you if you know what you need. There are various options for a variety of saddles out there. Although finding the perfect leather strap for your saddle might be a difficult task, as there are not many popular options out there. 

You’ll discover a complete guide on finding the best leather straps for your saddlery needs here. There are various factors that you need to consider before buying the best leather strap for your saddles. Cheap-quality leather straps will not be durable, and using them will also not be comfortable. 

Focus On the Material

The material of the leather plays a very vital role in the durability of a strap. The material must be good enough to face all weather challenges. It should not get damaged in the harsh sunlight or heavy rains. If the strap quality is not good, it can get damaged easily.

You can check if the manufacturer has added some other materials in the leather or if it is original leather. Original leather will be better than mixed leather any day. You can focus on buying straps made from genuine leather only to give your horse a comfortable experience. It will also contribute to the durability of the strap.

You can prefer straps made of latigo leather as they are a very durable material. It is a prevalent option among horse riders because of the quality that it offers. It usually comes in tan or brown color. It does not only offer good quality, but it also looks great. 

Softer Material on the Belly of the Horse

No matter how good a saddler or strap you buy, you can never enjoy your ride if the horse is not feeling comfortable. You should check the material or texture of leather used in the belly part of the horse. You can go for suede material on the horse’s belly to ensure that it never hurts your horse. Some manufacturers can also prefer using soft fabric material near the belly area. 

The main goal here is to ensure a comfortable experience for your horse. Your horse will get tired faster if you do not take care of their comfort. If the quality on the inside of the strap is good, it will also prevent pinching or chafing for your horse in case of sweat. 

Check the Flexibility

When it comes to leather straps, you can never compromise with the flexibility. The leather strap needs to be sturdy, but at the same time, it should offer flexibility. If the leather strap is not flexible, you will see damage in the leather in the long run. The strap needs to be flexible to get around the saddler well. 

Check for Sleeves

You should check for leather sleeves in your strap to avoid any extra strap hanging from your horse. It will help you improve your overall riding experience. These extra sleeves will increase the comfort for you and your horse.



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