Beating the Morning Rush! The Best Ways To Streamline Your Makeup Routine

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Do you wish your makeup routine was much quicker in the mornings? Everybody feels like they’re in a rush these days, and if we have to get up super early in order to cram in our makeup routine, it feels like after a while it’s too much effort. But everybody deserves to look presentable when they leave the house, so what does it take to make sure you look your best in half the time? 

Assemble the Troops! 

The most important thing you need to do at the outset is take a good look at your products. Do you really need all of them to make yourself look fabulous? The fact is, if you spend more time contouring your eyebrows than anything else, this is a massive eater of time! But this is when you need to prioritize the most essential routines. Rather than spending a lot of time plucking your eyebrows every single day, you could go for something like microblading which will maintain your eyebrows so much longer than your own routine. In addition, when you look at every product you own, from contour kits to fake lashes and lip liner, the reality is that all you need are five simple things: concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick or gloss. With these five things, you’ve got a solid foundation.

Get Into the Streamlining Mindset!

When we’ve got to get ready in less than twenty minutes, one of the most frustrating parts of this is putting the foundation on. All we need is one foundation that doesn’t work against us. Get rid of all the products that demand a pre-foundation routine. One of the best examples is an all-in-one SPF foundation because they contain moisturizing ingredients and act as a foundation. When you start to streamline your makeup practices and choose the all-in-one tips and techniques, this is going to make life much easier because you don’t want to spend up to an hour getting ready every morning when you could be having your beauty sleep! This is why multi-purpose items are invaluable. When you see an all-in-one item like a cheek, lip, and eye color, this is going to help you get into the streamlining mindset. Multi-purpose items will be your savior!

The Makeup Choices That Look Great in Less Time

When we need to get ready quickly, we’ve got to use the right hacks. For example, a lighter lip shade will take less time than a darker one. And as they are easier to apply, lighter lipstick shades give you a healthier look that looks better during the day. Another example is if you need to conceal eye bags, you can use a neutral shimmery eyeshadow, which gives you an instant fresh look. Shimmery neutrals are a godsend when you are in a rush.

Take a Minimalist Approach to Your Hair

Nobody has time to wash and style their hair every single day. This is why you need to know the quick fixes. But in order to address the best ones, you need to be aware of your problem areas. For example, if your roots cause you issues, do a quick shampoo and rinse in the sink, grab a round brush and blow dryer, and you are done. Or, if there are problems with the front of your hair, you can grab some dry shampoo and spray these areas. It’s a simple way to give your hair more volume. Even if you do not have a dry shampoo to hand, one of the greatest little hacks to use is to spray some saltwater on your hair, tie it in a bun, and let it sit while you do everything else. After you finish your makeup, take the band off and give it a shake- you’ve got an instant look that has volume and style!

A Good Skincare Routine

No doubt, you’ve already got a good skincare routine, but if it takes up a lot of time, you’ve got to reconsider if it’s worth it. If you know your morning is going to be hectic, this is why a good night-time skincare routine is worth its weight in gold. But if it’s not doing the trick, now is the time to incorporate skincare layering. You start with a good cleanser and work up to a serum. Lock everything in with moisturizer before you go to sleep, and you will look great in the morning, making your makeup application a cinch!

The Blow Dryer Is Your Friend!

The big problem we all have in the morning when we’re trying to get ready is waiting for our makeup to set. If you have no time to wait, reach for your blow dryer, set the temperature to cool, and your product will dry quickly. It’s a fantastic hack, especially if you feel you cannot skip your moisturizer or serum routine.

Start the Night Before

It sounds obvious, but the best way to be prepared is to start the night before! As part of your nighttime routine, apply your body lotion, and give yourself some fragrance before you go to sleep, as well as think about what you need to wear tomorrow. The big problem we all have these days is that we feel frazzled and fatigued before we’ve even set foot out the door. Being prepared makes a massive difference. If you want to greatly reduce what they call “decision fatigue,” begin the night before, and this includes your skincare routine!

The Three E’s!

If you are in a bind and you need to get ready without doing your entire routine, follow the three E’s: eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes. These three areas will take up the vast majority of other people’s focus, and if you address these you can still put some lip balm and blush in a matter of seconds, and no one will know! 

It’s important that when we are trying to save time in this busy world, we have the right routines, but also know the important hacks to save time when we are in a bind. 


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