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Essential Ways to Spruce Up Your Guest Bathroom

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Home revamping is an essential activity that each homeowner should consider adopting. One of the areas to spruce up is your guest bathroom. It is a common area that is often overlooked. A guest having their own bathroom shows the thoughtfulness of the homeowner. With this in mind, let us brush over some of the ways to spruce up your guest bathroom, leaving your guests comfortable during the stay at your home.

The shower and bathtub

Your home will have many guests, and it is best not to assume that your guests like showers. With this in mind, install both a shower cubicle and bathtub to cater to all guests. Some individuals bathe as a routine; for this reason, you should consider accommodating each individual. 

While designing your shower, it is wise to have an adjustable showerhead height that caters to guests of all ages. Additionally, make the showers easy to use. Guests would feel inconvenienced having to learn how to use the shower faucet. It is best to choose functionality over design.

The toilet

The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom area. It is best to install toilets with large pipes. The guest bathroom will rarely be used. When in use, guests might try to flush down large amounts of toilet paper. The large lines make it less prone to blockages and save the guests the embarrassment of unclogging a blocked toilet. The one piece toilet is an essential buy worth investing in your guest bathroom area.

Furthermore, install some shelves over the toilet that will carry the toilet necessities such as toilet paper. You do not want a situation where your guests search for items they need across the various shelves. Make the shelves easily reachable for everyone visiting the bathroom.

The sink and counter space

Most homeowners tend to think of countertops for the kitchen and our bathrooms, forgetting the guest bathroom. It is vital to have a countertop for guests to have space to place their items. For the sink materials, it is best to go for colors that do not stain easily as we all like to impress guests with a clean bathroom. Additionally, it is best to place plug sockets in the guest bathroom for guests to plug in their electrical appliances such as hairdryers and shavers.

Add fresh flowers and plants

Flowers bring in a fresh vibe when incorporated into space. Adding a bouquet in the guest’s bathroom will liven up space. Adding your guest’s favorite flowers will not only brighten the mood but show your thoughtfulness.

Add some decorations

The guest bathroom is not often used. It is a nice idea to place some candles and decorative display bottles before your guests arrive. It creates a warm ambiance for your guest. Additionally, when lit up, scented candles make the space smell better and offer a relaxing environment.

Have a comfortable mat

Adding a comfortable mat to your guest’s bathroom area is an excellent idea for sprucing it up. A simple nonslip mat would be fit for the job. While at it, you can choose from a variety of colors and options available. It is an excellent option as nobody wants to walk on the cold floor at night. The foam mats are a great addition to your bathroom area for guests to stand for long periods.

Brighten up your bathroom space

A dull space is not appealing to any individual. For this reason, you need to open the windows in your guest bathroom and top them up with some blinds. The colored type of blinds will add privacy to your guests. 

Adding good light to your space will make a difference in your guest bathroom. Cleaning the light fixtures and changing faulty bulbs will make a difference in your bathroom space. Additionally, you can brighten up your bathroom floor with tiles of different colors and varieties.

Provide necessities

It is vital to provide necessities in your bathroom space. Sometimes guests may forget some essential items like toothbrushes, soaps, and lotions. It is a good idea to put the simple things together in a basket within reach of guests. Additionally, have a new stack of towels and fold them neatly on your bathroom shelves where guests can easily access them. To avoid reactions to people’s skin, you can consider washing using hypoallergenic detergents.

These ideas are some of the ways to remodel your bathroom space. Impressing guests is your number one priority, and revamping your guest bathroom area is one way of doing it. A guest bathroom is often ignored. It is best to touch up the space in welcoming ways.

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