Flipping the Two-Sided Coin: Is Divorce the Answer to Infidelity?

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If you find your partner is unfaithful, there are a million different questions going through your mind. If you think that divorce is the only option, no questions asked, or you are wondering if your marriage can be saved, it’s important to recognize what being unfaithful is defined as for you. Let’s show you some of the things to consider when you need to walk away after infidelity. 

The Quality of Your Relationship

The first place to do the essential soul-searching is to look at the probability of restoring your marriage after an incident like this. If the relationship was a committed long-term partnership that felt fulfilling, you have to dig deeper to find out the underlying cause of your partner’s infidelity. Divorce and child visitation lawyers like the Spodek Law Group will always look at the quality of the relationship because this is what can help during the divorce process to help both parties come to a satisfactory conclusion. If the quality of your relationship was great in the past and this is an indiscretion, you have to wonder if the divorce process is really essential, because if this is the first sign of infidelity, it could be worth salvaging. However, if the signs of the betrayal were there at the outset, the cheating could reoccur. 

Emotional Investment

Your emotional involvement shouldn’t be overlooked. The opposite of love is not hate, but it could be ignorance. If you feel you’re falling out of love with your spouse after they cheated, you’ve got to consider if it is a relief after years of feeling in limbo. On the other hand, if the infidelity hurts, this could be a sign that you still care about them, and you need to deal with the anger from the affair. In this instance, it is vital to deal with the trauma so you can heal the relationship and yourself. This is where therapy providers come into play, such as by GoodTherapy. It allows you to greatly reduce the emotional turmoil, but also decide if the marriage is worth saving. 

The Partner’s Reaction

It is so easy to be angry if your partner has cheated, but do they express any regrets? Do they realize that infidelity can cause divorce? And if they are cheating, this could be a signal that there is something wrong with the relationship, not necessarily them. It’s important for you both to put in the effort to fix the problem. If not, and one person is trying to restore it, is there any point in continuing? 

A relationship is a two-sided coin, and this means you’ve got to work at it together, no matter how hurt you are. Knowing when to walk away from a relationship is not easy, especially when there is a lot more at stake, like kids, but dealing with infidelity is one of the hardest psychological battles anybody can face because it can threaten to derail an entire relationship and entire history. Before you consider divorce, you need to address these three areas.


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