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Get Your Business Website Right For Your Customers

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Your business website is a crucial part of your brand as a whole. Indeed, for many of your customers, the website is going to be the first impression that they receive of your business. It’s essential that you hit the right mark here and help them feel as though they have found the perfect company to buy from. There are a lot of factors that you should consider when establishing your website to ensure that it does connect with customers the right way. You need to go beyond just the presentation and think about the technical aspects. You need to make sure that your content is on point while also providing your website with an identity that resonates with your target audience. 

So, let’s explore some of the key factors that you need to look at here and get right from day one. 

The Structure

First, let’s look at the structure of your website. Before we show you how to build the right structure behind your website, it’s important to understand why this is crucial. Without the right structure it’s going to take your customers a while to find what they are looking for. This will give them multiple points where they might get bored and stop looking completely. Instead, they could decide to click away in search of another site online and this is likely going to be one of your main competitors. 

But that’s not the only reason the structure is important. The right structure will also ensure that your business is more crawlable. That’s key for SEO purposes. The right structure can make it more likely that your website does end up at the top of the SERPs rather than crashing at page three or even page ten. If this happens, then your website will essentially be dead in the water. o ensure this doesn’t happen to you, hire professionals in your niche such as cannabis website design services by MMX.

If you want to fix the structure, then you need to follow the three-click rule. Essentially, users should never be more than three clicks away from a page, product, or service that they are looking for on your site. Now, you can handle this in a variety of ways, but it needs to be organic. That means that you can’t just place random links on the page. It has to flow and it should be easy for users to follow. If you don’t have the right structure in place from day one, it can be difficult to correct. That’s why it’s beneficial to hire a professional web designer

Interactivity And Engagement 

Next, you should think about how to ensure that your website is engaging and interesting for your users. You can start with the design work here. For instance, you might want to think about adding a dynamic video in the background of your home page. The right video can be the perfect introduction to your website and create a page online that feels completely unique and fresh. You can even use a video like this to speak directly to your target audience or showcase what your business can offer. 

You’ll often find this with businesses that depend on client interactions such as law businesses. They want to immediately ensure that clients feel reassured and a video like this is a great way to do it. 

Or, you could look at adding a live chat to your site. If you are looking to allow visitors to chat on your website, then you need to explore the right software. There are various forms of this available online. So, it’s just a case of making sure that you find the right one. With a live chat, you have a few options. You can let customers speak to an employee or use an automated service. Alternatively, you might work out a way to have a little bit of both. These options are highly effective because they provide immediate levels of engagement. It can also cut through the issue of structure because they’ll be able to access a chat like this to find exactly what they are looking for. 

It’s also worth noting that customers love using these chats. Indeed, research shows that they prefer live chats like this on a website compared to talking to employees of your business on the phone. So that’s something that you should definitely keep in mind here. 

Alternatively, you could explore a dynamic website design. This is a website that moves and shifts based on the actions of the user. It’s a more complex website but it will certainly stand out from the more typical point-and-click website designs that are available. 


You do need to make sure that your website responds well regardless of what device or piece of software a customer is using. Don’t forget, the majority of your customers will no longer be using a desktop or computer to access your site. Instead, they’re far more likely to access the site through a mobile device such as a phone or potentially even a tablet. You have to be prepared for this and there are specialists available that focus on creating sites that are going to be completely responsive. This is exactly what you need. 

You may also want to think about the data on your business website. Don’t forget, customers want sites to load quickly. If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load and it’s not due to the speed of the internet connection, then you’re in trouble. It’s great to have images and videos on your site, but you do need to make sure that these are compressed enough that it doesn’t impact speed. If you get the right speed, then you should be able to avoid a catastrophically high bounce rate. 

Do be aware that if you have a slow speed, then this could also be an issue with your hosting solution. You can correct this by making sure that you think about choosing a better hosting service. A lot of companies make the mistake of using a free solution. If you do this, then you are always going to be dealing with slower speeds and that’s going to hurt your business in the long term. 


When it comes to market your business, content is always going to be king. If you speak to marketers in the industry, you’ll find that content is where they are focusing the majority of their efforts and that’s completely understandable. With the right content, you can ensure that you are delivering the high level of value that customers demand. One of the ways to approach content is by making sure that you are answering key questions customers have. 

A great way to do this, is to add a search bar that is highly visible to your site design. Customers are then going to use this for queries. You’ll be able to access this data and then you can build up content around those specific queries that they have. You might also want to engage with customers on social media. This is another great way to discover their key points and ensure that your company is addressing them the right way. 

Remember, when it comes to content, it’s always going to be a case of quality over quantity. You need to guarantee that you are taking the right steps to deliver the high standards that customers expect. If you are using freelancers to complete content for your website, do make sure that you are providing them with a style guide. That way, you can guarantee that each piece of content fits beautifully with the message that you want to deliver to them. 

Beautiful Design

Finally, you need to make sure that your website looks fantastic. It’s crucial that it seems as though your website is the backbone of a professional company. If it doesn’t meet this standard then you could end up turning off a lot of potential clients and customers. This means that you need to avoid falling into the traps of an amateur web designer. If you are adding photos and videos to your website these need to look like they have been shot by a professional. 

You should also avoid free images you can find online for the main pages of your site. If you use these your website is going to end up looking like it came out of a cookie-cutter. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when you are building the perfect website for your customers. Remember, it’s not enough for a website to just look great, it needs to feel great too. It needs to deliver the user experience that your clients are searching for. As well as this, while you should create your site primarily for a human audience, you also need to make sure that it’s a hit with Google. Again, this is impacted by a variety of factors that you need to get right. If in doubt, it’s always better to call in the pros rather than to keep struggling on by yourself. If you get the right team on board, then you can have a completely hands-off approach here while guaranteeing that your website does everything that it needs to. 


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