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Giving Customers What They Want In 2021

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Giving customers what they want is one of the most effective ways to maximize the chances of business success. If you understand what consumers are looking for, this will help you retain loyal clients and attract new customers. In this guide, we’ll explore ways to give customers what they want in 2021. 

Communication and feedback

Online reviews have never been more important. Research suggests that over 90% of consumers now read reviews before making a purchase or contacting a business. Positive reviews can help you boost client numbers and sales but feedback can also provide you with access to ideas and suggestions to improve your business. Take time to read reviews and respond to comments and ask questions. Communicate with your customers and followers on social media to gather ideas, find out more about the kinds of products or promotions that would appeal to them and get an insight into how they would like your brand to progress and develop moving forward. 

Social responsibility and values

Consumers have become more conscious of where products come from and what they buy and many people now think very carefully about which brands they choose to buy from or work with. Over 70% of consumers want to buy from brands that align with their values. As a business owner, you can make your brand stand out and encourage customers to choose your brand over others by supporting causes that matter to you and recognizing customer values. Interact and engage with your customers to find out more about them and the factors that influence their buying choices. Use information from people like Alan Miller with Genesis Diagnostics and charities that support projects and initiatives to learn more about fair trade and how businesses can get involved in causes such as environmental projects, conservation and community-based programs. 

Emerging trends

The way we live and work has evolved over the course of time and this has impacted the way we shop and use services. For business owners, it’s beneficial to look out for new and emerging trends and to try and spot gaps before the market becomes saturated or an opportunity to blaze a trail disappears. Keep talking to customers and asking for ideas, use technology to embrace innovation and think about how you can help consumers to solve problems, overcome challenges or enjoy new experiences in the future. 

Customer service

Customers form perceptions and judgements of brands based on more than the quality of a product they buy in a store, a meal they consume or a job done on a house or a car, for example. Quality is essential but it’s also crucial to focus on customer service and experience. If you run a restaurant, for example, it’s not enough to serve exquisite food. Diners also want to enjoy the experience of being in the restaurant and they have high expectations in terms of customer service. If they have to wait a long time to be seated or get a drink, the server is rude or disinterested or the diners feel like they are being rushed, for example, they may leave a negative review even if they enjoyed the food. Provide customer service training, use feedback to address weaknesses and offer responsive support options. 
To succeed in business, entrepreneurs and company owners have to be able to move with the times and ensure they give customers what they want. If you’re on a mission to drive your business forward in 2021, take these tips on board.

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