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Here’s Why You Might Want to Install Outdoor Blinds

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There are many joys of owning a home, one of which is entertaining guests in your garden or outside space. BBQs, sunbathing, drinks by the pool. All things that many of us love doing with family, friends, and loved ones.

There is a way to completely change your outdoor space and give it even more versatility; outdoor blinds. If you’ve never heard of or considered outdoor blinds, you’re in for a treat. There are so many great reasons that they can be an amazing addition to anyone’s home. Interested? Read on to find out more. 

What are Outdoor Blinds?

When you think of blinds, you’re probably thinking about blinds on the inside of your living or dining room windows. Instead, outdoor blinds are usually roller blinds that separate the outside from your entertaining areas. Whether it’s a summer house or a similar outdoor dining area, these blinds can be fully retracted or completely close you off from the elements. They, alongside retractable roofs, can make entertaining in your garden a completely different experience, bringing more options to how you want to set up your garden party. There are a whole host of benefits when installing outdoor blinds, here are a few of them…

365 Days a Year of Hosting

The most obvious benefit of these kinds of roller blinds or shutters is the extra versatility you get when hosting a gathering in your garden. Want to start outside, then retract to a protected semi-indoor setting as the night draws in? Roller blinds are great for this. Want to keep your kids shaded for a portion of the day whilst not feeling locked indoors? Another great example. No matter what the weather or who is at your party, you have an extra option to keep everyone safe, warm, cool, or dry! 

No Sunburn

As mentioned, many people like to use these kinds of blinds to protect themselves or their young ones from the sun. Being out in the sun all day can be very harsh on the skin and according to Design Outdoor Blinds in Sydney, roller blinds can protect you from up to 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only that but taking a break behind the blinds can help reduce glare, giving you a better view of your phone or even outdoor TV! Sure, some people love being in the sun all day long, but for those who don’t, these can provide that little shelter you need now and then.

Keeping Dry and Warm

As well as protecting you from the sun, outdoor blinds can help keep nasty weather out too. Simple roller blinds can keep as much as 97% of rain and moisture out of your outdoor areas, meaning you can BBQ all winter long if you so wish. Having the ability to enjoy a semi-outdoor area during the winter is something people often miss out on. So, try some outdoor blinds and enjoy your garden all year round!

There is also a massive benefit with other adverse weather. Wind can completely ruin a party if it suddenly picks up and blows across the garden, leaving glasses smashed and decorations everywhere. If you keep your party behind outdoor blinds, you will be almost completely protected from the wind.

Keep Pests at Bay

One of the most frustrating things about sitting in the garden all afternoon on a hot day has to be getting bitten by bugs. Unfortunately, the nasty bugs come out at the same time we like to come out, spending their days hovering by the pool trying to catch a bite! If you have an issue with getting bitten, outdoor blinds can be your friend, as they help to keep all bugs at bay. Instead of covering yourself in bug spray all day, just chill behind your blinds, knowing you are far less likely to get attacked!

Protection From Fire

Outdoor entertaining often involves cooking. Believe it or not, it is safe to cook behind most outdoor blinds. Most blinds are fireproof or even self-extinguishing. This means you can have that winter BBQ or put on the outdoor gas heater without any worry of causing a major fire. It is, of course, advised to check with the manufacturer of your blinds when purchasing or installing blinds to make sure they are fireproof.

Extra Privacy

Whether you live in a built-up neighborhood or a private retreat in the hills, you likely have some neighbors, at least. Often, people get on fine with their neighbors, but they don’t necessarily want everyone to be able to see them at all times – and that’s understandable! With an outdoor roller blind, you can give yourself an extra layer of security and privacy, protecting yourself and your possessions from prying eyes.

Protect Your Furniture

As mentioned, these roller blinds do a great job at protecting you and your family from the elements, whether it’s rain, sun, wind, or snow. Don’t forget, your furniture and possessions get the same protection. No need to move the BBQ into the garage every night, it’s fine behind the blinds. You’ll also not need any seat or cushion coverings, or any other furniture protection for that matter. Your blinds have you and your gear protected all year round.

Energy Savings

Not only do blinds keep you and your things safe, but they also could save you money. Despite their breathability, they work as a bonus layer of energy insulation. You will find that they manage to keep you cool in the summer while also retaining the heat in the winter. Some studies have even noted up to a 50% reduction in energy consumption after the installation of outdoor blinds, which is quite remarkable. Extra privacy, protection, and money in the bank!

Outdoor blinds present you with a flexible and interesting entertaining space, while also providing all of these other benefits. Whether you are most interested in protection from the sun or simply a little bit of extra privacy, outdoor blinds may be the option for you. Find a local retailer and take a look, you will almost certainly find a style that suits you and your garden.

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