How Does One Become A Freemason And What Does That Membership Entail

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There is nothing scarier than joining a secret society and professing its dictates without fail as ordered. And it is shocking when people mention freemason. It paints a frightening picture of a person fascinated by dark underworld secrets and rituals. 

Apart from controversial symbols and ancient traditions coupled with rituals, not much is known about freemasonry. Proponents of the ancient outfit have discounted claims that it is a secret society. Some people wonder how one joins the organization. Well, worry no more. By the end of this article, you will have all questions answered satisfactorily.

What Are The Origins Of Freemasonry?

Freemasonry traces its inception back to the 17th century – 1717 – in the British Empire. It is the world’s largest secret fraternal society and started as an all-men affair and largely remains. Only men were allowed into the order after mastering the teachings and norms of the community. 

Stonemasons inspired freemasonry. A lot of the builders were involved in the construction of cathedrals. But this slowed down, leaving guilds signing masons without membership forcing them to offer honorary membership to secure members. 

The signed members formed a society that is freemasons. Members worked by the dictates of religious orders of ancient times and the brotherhood code. They also established groups known as “lodge,” which members belong to. Each lodge abides by the teachings and practices of the secret fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons.

What Are The Requirements For Freemason?

There are a set of requirements one must meet to gain freemason membership. They have been used for years to admit new members into society. As a general rule of the thumb, you must:


  • Be a believer in a supreme being.
  • Make a personal decision without influence to become a member.
  • You must be a man.
  • You must be free-born – You must be free of physical and emotional baggage. One must demonstrate that he is a man of his own and doesn’t bend for other men as a sign of servitude and slavery.
  • You must be of legal age to be accepted – Between 18 and 25 years. Age requirements may differ depending on the lodge you seek membership.
  • You must be financially stable – Riches are overlooked, but every aspiring member must be able to take care of his needs and his family by extension.
  • You must have two referrals from two lodge members – Freemasons in your lodge of choice must recommend you. 


How Do You Become A Freemason?

Once you meet all the requirements, vetting begins. This society has a strict code of conduct that all members should abide by. The purpose of vetting is to ascertain if your thoughts and deeds align with the freemasons’ goal. Your journey of becoming a freemason starts with allegiance to uphold the beliefs of the order. For example, one of the vetting questions is if you are driven by malice by seeking membership. You are advised against seeking membership if your motive is to, let’s say, promote your business.

Secondly, your level of curiosity in learning the dictates of society is under a test. Your opinion on freemasonry is also under scrutiny. How well you understand freemasonry books gives you a membership ticket. If you are not curious enough about freemasons, membership remains a pipe dream. 

Thirdly and most important is the question on obedience in following rules? It is as simple as “yes I will,” and the rest is history. 

What Happens When You Become A Freemason?

Joining freemasons marks the start of new beginnings in life anchored on compassion, honesty, and duty. Each member is committed to creating a better version of himself while building constructive relationships with other members. As a result, he makes his community and the world a better place. 

It is achieved only through a journey of self-discovery and believing in the existence of a higher force, spiritually or otherwise. Masonic brothers undertake a duty to mentor each other and increase the urge to be part of freemasons to better the future. Your moral character and social compass are re-engineered to work for the betterment of others and the country.

Who Are Members Of Freemason?

Interestingly, freemasons don’t care much about your social standing. They give membership to the poor and the rich if they meet the criteria. People from all walks of life are part of the centuries-old outfit. Whether you are a CEO or a junior staff, a politician or janitor, you receive membership on merit. Famous people who are/were freemasons include Franklin D Roosevelt, Mark Twain, George Roosevelt, and Irving Berlin.

Do You Pay To Be A Freemason?

The initiation cost of being a freemason depends on the lodge that granted membership. Different lodges have different charges that are levied as annual subscription premiums footing the lodge’s running cost. In addition, members of the club are invited to charity events where they contribute generously. One contributes what he can afford.

Who Is The Highest Ranking Freemason?

Master Mason is the highest-ranking freemason. There are three degrees in freemasonry; Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. It takes different periods to advance through the three degrees. Some men quickly rise to the ranks of Master Mason. Others take longer to achieve the same. One attains the status of Entered Apprentice as soon as they receive the oath of freemason membership. After that, he remains a member forever.

Are There Women Freemasons?

There are women freemasons across the world today. This is despite the order remaining all-men affairs only for a long time. Women formed their chapter in 1913 and have the set of beliefs as men. The requirements for joining society as a woman remain the same as those for men, emphasizing believing in a supreme being.

Freemasons are thought of as religious, but it is far from it because they believe in a super being. Members are compassionate too and not wicked. The order believes in giving back to the community and bringing out the best version of members. Besides, it does not look down on people; it accepts everyone’s social status notwithstanding.

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